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The 15 Best Tech CEOs To Work For
Some CEOs are proof that you can be both well-liked and successful. Glassdoor finds out the 15 highest-rated CEOs in tech, according to employees who anonymously rated them.
Why People Aren't Buying iPads Anymore
It was the second consecutive quarter that Apple saw a decline in its iPad figures. With super-cheap tablets available from Amazon, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo and companies many of us have never even heard of, why would you shell out upwards of $400 for an iPad?
Why The 'Right To Be Forgotten' Is A Nightmare To Enforce?
A month into its going into effect, it’s proven to be a logistical nightmare, in part because of Google’s informing media organizations when it removes one of their stories from search, which leads the organization to re-earth the story and mention the incident that some European desperately wanted disappeared.
7 Team Building Basics For Reluctant HR Managers
Team Building is supposed to be fun. So why do so many players head for the bathroom? Here's what to do and what not to do during your team building activities.
When You Should Delegate, And When You Shouldn't
“Non-delegator” sounds so much nicer than “control freak” or “know-it-all,” but truth be told, that’s just semantics. Delegating can be scary — especially if you've been burned before and if you know exactly how you like things done — but I probably don’t have to tell you that it’s a crucial part of moving up the ladder.
How Your Security System Could Be Hacked To Spy On You
The idea of covering a home with more security sensors does not translate into a more secure home, says cybersecurity researcher Logan Lamb. The end goal of all this is to make better systems.
When CEOs And CFOs Share An Alma Mater
More than two dozen of the largest U.S. companies have current CEOs and CFOs hailing from the same alma mater.
Will People 'Buy' On Facebook?
While Facebook has experimented with e-commerce before to little success, the big difference is that the new Buy button doesn’t force users to leave Facebook for another screen in order to check out.
The 15 Wildest Things Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Has Ever Said
Eric Schmidt is the former CEO of Google and currently serves as its chairman. He was originally brought in as the "adult supervision" for founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, but, as one of the most vocal senior executives at Google, he's also said some pretty controversial, provocative, or bizarre things over the years.
Tech Bubble Or Tech Revolution? Yes And Yes! Mobile, China Lead Way
Are we on the verge of a tech bubble or a tech revolution? Venture capitalists Geoff Yang of Redpoint, Hans Tung of GGV Capital and entrepreneur Eric Feng, the CTO of Flipboard, say yes and yes!
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