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Can You Run A Business Entirely From A Mobile Phone?
Is this a viable option for business leaders? Is it now possible to do one’s job, to run a business entirely from a mobile phone?
6 Smart Productivity Strategies For Business Travelers
Just because business travelers are out of office, doesn't mean they're not at work. Today, business travelers have become adept at setting up mobile offices on the fly — whether at the airport, in the car or in their hotel room.
Disruptive Technologies: Why Some Click and Others Don't
The pattern of failure has been especially striking in the computer industry.
Retired CIOs: 5 Rewarding Second Acts
Is there life after information technology leadership? You bet. Some CIOs "retire" but then consult. These five decided to do something completely different.
Technology and Inequality In The Silicon Valley
The disparity between the rich and everyone else is larger than ever in the United States and increasing in much of Europe. Why?
Half of Employees Don’t Feel Respected by Their Bosses
Being treated with respect was more important to employees than recognition and appreciation.
3 Things To Know About Marketing To Generation Z
This generation has grown up with full access to the Internet and technology. They're digital natives, and it's even tougher for brands to woo this group and win their loyalty, love and income.
How to make devices sound less like robots: add lovable flaws
Most of the dialogues still sound like humans giving commands to robots, and not like conversations.
Why Silicon Valley Shouldn’t Be the Model for Innovation
The global reorganization of production and services has produced a new logic of value creation
Artificial Intelligence Can’t Replace Hard-Earned Knowledge – Yet
A lot of knowledgeable people are pretty skeptical that A.I. will fully replace human “wetware” in the near future.
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