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3 Leadership Lessons For Women Cofounders In Tech
The tech sector is a notoriously difficult place to be a woman. A congressional report showed that only 7% of women-founded businesses receive venture capital funding
7 Tips For Using Social Media During Conferences
Being active on social media during an event can help you with your personal branding, expand your network to more like-minded people and get more out of the entire conference experience.
Recruiters Are From Mars, Job Seekers Are From Venus
Here’s a communication problem between job seekers and recruiters that often leaves both parties confused and frustrated. Optimistic job seekers are up for trying anything, but recruiters don’t want to be rude to unqualified applicants.
Marketers: It's Time for a Millennial CMO
Let's give millennials the CMO chair. We know they think they're ready for it. And maybe they are. Here's what the next generation of CMOs need to learn.
Dolls, Pets, Drones: How Robots Will Change The Way We Live
Robotics has long been touted as the solution to humanity’s woes, only for the reality to fall short of the hype. But today’s inventions really could change our lives for the better. Here's how they are changing the way we live.
The 13 Worst Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make
There are many mistakes you can make as an entrepreneur: marketing mistakes, decision-making mistakes, technology mistakes, and so much more.But there are mistakes that slow you down and ones that can stop you dead in your tracks.
4 Ways Employers Can Use Social Video to Attract Top Talent
Employers and recruiters use video content to have a comprehensive idea of a candidate’s professionalism, poise and passion. Employers can also benefit from creating videos to show off their company culture and attract top recruits.
3 Reasons Why It's So Hard To Find A Great Boss
Thursday is National Boss Day. And, unfortunately, there are lots of bad bosses out there. Many bosses are bad because they were promoted for technical skill, not management ability.
What will the internet look like in 2040?
It’s a summer morning in 2040. The internet is all around you and all the things that you’re about to do during your day will fall in to place thanks to the data streams flying across the internet.
The Best Way to Answer "What's Your weakness?" In A Job Interview
If you are a candidate and you are asked to share a weakness, don't tell them any weakness that you haven't figured out how to deal with or overcome.
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