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How To Create Strong Passwords And Never Forget Them
Passwords are the only things that keep your online data safe. A free password manager is the easiest way to create secure ones — and guarantee you never forget them.
Data Mining Tops Linkedin's List Of The 'Hottest Skills Of 2014
Glassdoor reports that the average salary for a data scientist is $118,709 versus $64,537 for a programmer. A McKinsey study predicts that by 2018, 1.5 million "managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data can make effective decisions.
Why A Bad Job Is Worse Than Having No Job?
The perceived wisdom is that being out of work is a bad thing. But those in poor-quality jobs showed a significant worsening in their mental health compared to those who remained unemployed.
3 Content-Management Trends To Look For In 2015
The backbone of any blog or website is a strong content-management system that enables people to write, edit, and publish content quickly and painlessly. Here are the key trends.
Online Retailer's Christmas Wishlist: More Data, More Analytics, More Bandwidth
Online retailers this season are looking at these technologies as they do not want to miss out on a significant chunk of the revenue and these are some of the best gifts Santa could bring, they hope.
Research: 10 Traits of Innovative Leaders
Here are those distinctive behaviors that set them apart as innovation leaders.
The Inescapable Paradox of Managing Creativity
When facing the challenge of unleashing organizational innovation, many leaders fail.
Why Shadow IT, Like BYOD, Is Here To Stay?
It’s funny—or at least ironic—that the term “shadow IT” sounds kind of sinister—i.e., “lurking in the shadows”—while the term “bring your own device,” or BYOD, connotes joviality.Yet both present similar, or at least parallel, possibilities and problems.
10 Ways Firms Can Attract The Gen Z Workforce
Here's ten tangible tips that recruiters and employers can follow in order to motivate, inspire and retain the employees from this generation, who will likely be entering the workforce in the next couple of years.
26 Annoying Business Cliches You Should Stop Using Immediately
You need to avoid business jargon and be clear in order to get your point across and be heard. They're annoying and confusing - and often meaningless - and busy executives don't have the time to decipher your message.
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