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'Digital Twins' Will Make Decisions For Us
The claims were made by futurist and theorist John Smart, who believes we will have ‘digital twins’ within the next five years These twins could act like digital personal secretaries or agents They could also, one day, have human faces and hold conversations.
Emoticons May Be A Lot Older Than You Think They Are
Whether it's a smiley or a winky face, you know emoticons, you love emoticons, and they've become an integral part of our modern vernacular.
How Next-Gen Social Analytics Are Transforming Digital Marketing
Next-generation social analytics reveals not just who is engaging with your brand and what they’re engaging with, but why they’re engaging. The result creates a real value by measuring whether a campaign worked based on data and ROI.
The Much-Hyped CIO-CMO War Is Dead
The much-hyped turf war between chief information officers and chief marketing officers is dead – if it even ever existed. And the data-savvy companies that Know it can win.
The Global Impact Of AI-Driven Mental Health Care
Big brother is feeling you literally, as the global impact of AI-driven mental health care can be tremendous. Read on…
3 Lessons An Investor Learned After Losing His Job, And $1.6 Mn
Moynihan broke down three of the key takeaways, which he tells Ferriss are less about investing and more "about the psychology of the mistakes we make."
Social Media Users Are More Charitable Than You Might Think
There's no doubt that social media has made it easier for charitable organizations and nonprofits to spread their messages.But just how powerful can these social networks be for social good campaigns, and are the users of these networks receptive?
10 Body Language Tips To Make Your Next Presentation Great
The experts at SOAP Presentations in Sao Paulo, Brazil, compiled the following presentation on the most important body language techniques to look like a natural in front of your boss, colleagues, and clients.
The One Key Feature for Selling Enterprise Software - And You Don't Have It
Make a great product to close the people who will use it. Add great reports to close the people who sign the check. If everyone's thrilled, then you close more deals, and you close them easier.
8 Tips for Managing a Social Media Crisis
Social media can be a useful tool to build your company brand or a nail in its coffin. Here are some things your brand can do to manage a social media crisis.
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