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Facebook's 'Nearby Friends' Is a Really, Really Bad Idea
Facebook has introduced a new feature for its mobile users allowing them to share their location with friends. It is an "opt in" feature, meaning you don't have to sign up for it. On the surface, it seems to be a useful tool for people to use. But the new Facebook "feature" is pretty dangerous.
Getting Your First 100 Customers: Strategies That Work
Anyone with experience with startup companies and sales and marketing knows how hard it can be to engage those first 100 customers. It can take a great deal of groundwork and preparation, not to mention money and sweat, to locate and capture them. If those first 100 customers are not assimilated quickly, business failure is a distinct possibility.
If a Bubble Bursts in Palo Alto, Does It Make a Sound?
Many times Silicon Valley valuations have soared far higher than Silicon Valley balance sheets can support. A recent downturn in tech stock prices is perhaps indicative of this uncertainty. But if tech really is a bubble, would the rest of the country be harmed if it burst?
9 Tricks Highly Successful Execs Use To Run Effective Meetings
Yahoo's Marissa Mayer grills her employees like an expert chef, Amazon's Jeff Bezos can't stand it when people agree, and Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg wields a mighty notebook. Let's peep into some more business meetings run by top executives...
Slowing Growth Spells Trouble For LinkedIn Stock
LinkedIn's stock valuation embeds significant future profit growth, so it should be of great concern to investors that the company’s growth is decelerating.
Move over Facebook, Alibaba's mega IPO is coming
Alibaba was founded 15 years ago in the modest Hangzhou, China apartment of Jack Ma -- a former English teacher. The company has since evolved into the dominant force in China's e-commerce industry, a market with so much potential that Alibaba's IPO may be the largest ever by a tech company -- surpassing even the $16 billion raised by Facebook.
The Big Reason to Hire Superstar Employees Isn’t the Work They Do
Most companies will tell you they want to hire and retain “A players”, and why not? It’s hard to object to building a company around the best possible talent. But what is it about superstar talent that actually improves performance?
Why There Are So Many Terrible Managers In Business Today
You can find scores of managers today who are, sadly, anything but inspiring. The majority are clueless as to how to motivate, lead or develop their staff, or help employees utilize their best talents to grow and contribute in a meaningful and exciting way. Why are there so many terrible managers in corporate America?
Facebook Will Track Your Location History To Target You With Ads
Although Facebook has been saying that it’s not using its new 'Nearby Friends' feature to target ads yet, but after being asked why it’s tracking “Location History” it admitted it will eventually use the data for marketing purposes.
What Happened To The First 10 Apple Employees
Apple, unlike any other company in the world, has its identity tied to one individual: Steve Jobs. But if would be interesting to take a look at the first 10 employees at Apple, and see what they did and where they are today.
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