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7 Ways Great Leaders Think Differently From the Rest of Us
People who go to the top think differently than others, and they achieve more than most. But the good news is that successful thinking is something you can learn. Here are seven thought habits to get you started on the road to becoming a better thinker.
5 Reasons You're Getting Knocked Out In The First Round Of Interviews
How do you improve your interview game if you don't even understand what you're doing wrong? Certainly, there are many variables at play, but if you're looking for possibilities, consider these five common issues that prompt hiring managers to take you out of the race.
The One Key Characteristic That All Millionaires Have
Even though, decisiveness is a deceptive thing. Halfwits can be decisive. Does this make them millionaires? Only sometimes.
LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner explains his No. 1 management principle
Weiner's leadership style has earned him the trust of founder and chairman Reid Hoffman, his team, and LinkedIn investors. Glassdoor named him the highest-rated CEO of 2014.
Relocating For A Job? 5 Things You Should Know
While the days of Cartier-style, full-blown relocation packages and outright home purchases for high-demand employees have passed, there are still relocation benefits worth asking and negotiating for before you accept a job out-of-state.
Can Big Data Survive Big Brother Hysteria?
Data privacy should remain a priority for public and private sectors, sharing data-driven best practices that build positive cultural change and ultimately drive business benefits is equally important.
The Secrets Behind 'Super-Achievers' And How You Cn Be One Like Them
When you see an Olympic hurdler leaping over barricades with superhuman agility, does she look distracted? Nope. She is 100% invested in the task at hand. And as you can see from her success, commitment leads to greatness. Whatever you're doing right now? Be fully in it. Commit.
The Purpose Of Life Is 'To Live Forever. That's What Google's AI Bot Thinks
Google's researchers are getting a little creative with the chatbot - the advanced bot and they asked the bot everything from boring IT questions to the meaning of life.
Millennials: The Best Job Titles To Pursue in 2015
Millennial employees are more highly educated than any previous generation. And while it can be a shock entering the "real world," employment prospects aren’t looking too shabby, especially for those after a job in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields.
3-Step Exercise To Boost Your Chances Of Getting A Promotion
Ask coworkers to write down one thing they like about your performance and one thing you can improve... this is just one of the simple ways.
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