Amit Tripathi
MOL Logistics Plans To Purchase WMS
Sep 28, 2004
MOL Logistics is taking customer relationship management a step forward by starting the process of evaluating various vendors for a warehouse management solution that it's customers would use. Speaking to CXOtoday, Victor Vasanth, manager,...
Taj Hotels Prepares For Worst Case Scenario
Sep 24, 2004
“Hospitality uninterrupted,” is a new foolproof strategy chalked out by India's most elite brand in the hospitality sector - Taj Hotels. The plan involves building a disaster recovery site that would be operational by March...
Tags: Taj, DR, hospitality
MS Exchange Too Pricey For Chhabi Electricals
Sep 23, 2004
Due to pricey hardware demands and a performance slowdown of its mail server, Chhabi Electricals has decided to abort its plans of purchasing MS Exchange Server, opting instead to evaluate other local vendors in the market. Speaking to...
Tags: Microsoft
Creative Group Deploys ERP, Eyes Bar Code
Sep 21, 2004
For Creative Group, a major player in the apparel and home furnishing segment, the necessity of an integrated ERP was triggered by spectacular growth in domestic demand long after they had already carved a niche for themselves in foreign...
Tags: ERP, bar coding
Corporate Heavyweights Push Suppliers To Use IT
Sep 20, 2004
The community of suppliers and distributors couldn't ask for more, now that specialized concepts like 'just-in-time manufacturing', 'active-business-partner' and the likes are being coined especially for them. With the Reliance's,...
Tags: ERP, SMB
Mahindra's CIO Reveals Blueprint Of Success
Sep 17, 2004
CIOs in India are increasingly coming under the spotlight as the key decision makers of their respective organizations, with glitz, glamour, and the usual bunch of enterprising vendors following them literally wherever they go. And of...
Broker Leverages Benefits From NETWORTH
Sep 15, 2004
With fund managers handling multiple instruments like equity, mutual fund, advisory services etc., the complexities of portfolio management are increasing greatly. However, with technology that may soon become a thing of the past, as in the...
Amrita University Powers e-Revolution
Sep 14, 2004
At the 380-acre Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Coimbatore campus, an e-revolution (read e for education facilitated by electronics) of sorts is brewing, thanks to an exemplary academic-government-industry partnership. The partnership comprises...
Tags: education
Sahara Enters Indian Computing Space
Sep 13, 2004
The Subroto Roy controlled Sahara India group is tying up with the South Africa-based Sahara Computers, to float a new hardware company called Sahara Computers and Electronics Ltd. (SECL) that was officially inaugurated on Sep 10. The...
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Blow Plast To Give IT VIP Treatment This Year
Sep 07, 2004
As businesses grow, so does the need for enhanced monitoring and analysis. Witnessing a rapid increase in business, Blow Plast Ltd. -- the manufacturer of the popular VIP brand of bags in the country -- is out on an IT shopping spree, looking...