Amit Tripathi
Oracle 11i.10: Fully Loaded For Competition
Sep 06, 2004
With Oracle looking to establish a stronghold in the ERP space, it has faced fierce competition from power brands like SAP, PeopleSoft, etc. Going by the books, Oracle is now following the simple rule of approach-diversify. The database leader...
Tags: ERP, apps
386s & 486s Still Alive & Well At Hind Rectifiers
Sep 03, 2004
In the days of 64 bit computing, the enterprise-wide use of 386 and 486s would sound nostalgic, but that's what powers the business at Hind Rectifiers Ltd. (HIRECT), a manufacturer of power semiconductors, power electronic equipment and...
Tags: legacy, old
L&T Makes The MOST Of Technology
Sep 02, 2004
In an exemplary instance of IT usage to reduce wastage of inventory, the Heavy Engineering Division (HED) of L&T has interfaced a nesting application called MOST with its Baan ERP. Elaborating on the achievement, a beaming Satish Gune, Joint...
Zee Uses Technology To Make Idiot Boxes Smarter
Sep 01, 2004
Televisons can try, but they just can't seem to get rid of the "Idiot Box" tag. With high-end computing sitting almost invisibly at the backbone of every station, its time they got smarter. Interactive TV is all set to enter into the...
Tags: Zee TV, SMS
Cement IT With Business, Demand CIOs
Aug 31, 2004
Integrating information technology with business processes, even if it requires going to the extent of changing business paradigms, is the number one concern on every CIOs mind today. The 'demand' emerged at the end of the day long 2004...
Tags: CIOs, CTOs
Medicine Shoppe Goes CRM Shopping
Aug 30, 2004
Although the retail boom in the FMCG sector is yet to take off in India, a few distribution giants are hoping to notch a quick lead in the retail race. Medicine Shoppe, one of India's largest community pharmacy retail chain, plans to woo its...
Tags: CRM
Solar Powered PCs To Revolutionize Rural Sector
Aug 24, 2004
How do you bring computerization to the rural sector when most of these remote areas do not even have access to basic clean 24x7 power? Instead of knocking on the government's door with lengthy proposals to build power grids, technology has...
Tags: Solar
Skypak Looks For New Database
Aug 24, 2004
Open Source software protagonists listen up: If you thought that enterprises could download and use open source databases to meet average requirements, heres an example that proves otherwise -- Skypak Service Specialist Ltd., a courier service...
CIOs Hold The Key To India's Future: Murthy
Aug 22, 2004
It is befitting in the context of the Indian IT behemoth, for Infosys to tweak an age-old saying, by breathing fresh life into it. Truly, a man is known by the company that keeps him. The idea of starting a 'Infosys' began as an experiment...
Tags: Q&A
MSSL Selects Homegrown ERP Over MFG/PRO
Aug 16, 2004
Wiring harness manufacturer Motherson Sumi Systems Limited (MSSL) is in the process of networking 14 locations across the country to implement an in-house ERP, deciding against MFG/PRO. Speaking to CXOtoday, Vandana Avantsa, CIO, MSSL, said,...
Tags: ERP