Ankita Mohinta
Skype@10: A tumultous journey
Aug 29, 2013
On the tenth anniversary of Skype we look at the highs and lows the company has faced since its inception in 2003
Will Rohan Murthy be able to live up to the hype at Infosys?
Aug 27, 2013
His appointment as Vice President of Infosys from executive assistant has caused quite a stir.
Who will be the next Microsoft CEO?
Aug 26, 2013
India-born Satya Nadella is one of the candidates being considered for the prestigious position.
Top factors contributing to India's internet growth
Aug 26, 2013
The top factors that contributed to India's internet growth are increasing usage of social media, mobility, online shopping and the wide use of entertainment sites and online videos.
Anand Mahindra: India's most social media savvy CEO
Aug 22, 2013
Anand Mahindra has been voted among the world's top 5 non-tech executives who use social media to drive business results
Rebooting Yahoo: Can Maynard Webb make a difference?
Aug 21, 2013
Maynard Webb the new Chairman of Yahoo is a Silicon valley legend an Angel Investor, business advisor, mentor, & philanthropist. Can he make a difference to the company's dwindling fortunes?
Acqui-hiring: the next big thing in IT
Aug 19, 2013
The latest trend in IT is followed by several companies such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo.
Will Cisco's "aggressive" restructuring plan pay off?
Aug 19, 2013
With a number of announcements made this week by John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, some analysts have suggested that his move was made at a bad time.
Syncapse's bankruptcy raises doubts over sustainability of social media companies
Aug 13, 2013
With reports of a major social media company going bankrupt, analysts are divided in their opinion if social media is creating fatigue among the user base or companies are simply unable to keep up with the changing trends in a constantly evolving industry
Steve Jobs' movie: can it do justice to the icon?
Aug 09, 2013
The movie Jobs is said to be releasing on August 16 but has courted some controversies depicting some major characters.
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