Ankita Mohinta
Controversies that gripped Indian IT
Aug 08, 2013
Several controversies have hogged the media spotlight in 2013, with several of the big wigs of Indian corporations arrested on various charges.
Leaders are tweeting, but not interacting with followers, shows study
Jul 26, 2013
New study has revealed that world leaders, big corporations alike who have less interaction with their target audience on Twitter are not actually the most influential on the twitterverse
How to prevent your SIM from getting hacked
Jul 25, 2013
With billions of active SIM users it is important to know and understand how unsuspecting users are victims of SIM hacking
New technologies to help prevent BYOD misuse in enterprises
Jul 24, 2013
With mobile security becoming a cause for concern for government organizations and enterprises alike, Samsung and other companies are coming up with new technologies to prevent security leaks
Can Marissa Mayer revive Yahoo's lost glory?
Jul 23, 2013
Following the steady stream of acquisitions, it remains to be seen if Marissa Mayer can help restore Yahoo's fortunes.
How can CIOs continue to be relevant?
Jul 12, 2013
CIOs encounter challenges on a daily basis. How can they overcome them effectively and continue to assert their relevance in today's fast changing business scenario?
redBus to continue improving the online bus market
Jul 11, 2013
redBus will continue to explore the Indian online bus ticketing market after the ibibo Group acquisition
8 simple ways to protect your digital identity
Jul 09, 2013
Tips to protect your private information prying eyes
How to use Twitter to promote your brand
Jul 08, 2013
Tips on the do's and don'ts of the Twitterworld
Leveraging data the right way
Jun 21, 2013
Quantitative analysis and the ability to communicate data is extremely important.
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