Anurag Agrawal
Suppliers Incorrectly Addressing SMB Cloud Market: Techaisle
Oct 03, 2016
Cloud leaders will be determined by what they do to address key customer needs in the future, not by the assets that they bring to the table today.
Business Context Driving Big Data Analytics In SMBs
Sep 13, 2016
SMB analytics is evolving towards tighter focus on workflow support.
Why Microsoft Azure Is The Platform Of Choice For Businesses
Aug 29, 2016
The public cloud computing platform, is a growing collection of integrated cloud services that includes analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web.
SMB Mindset For Deploying Big Data Initiatives
Jul 11, 2016
Here are the key benefits associated with SMB Big Data initiatives.
Mobile Apps: Forget About Content. Context is King
Jul 16, 2012
Use of Smartphones is on a steep rise in India and enterprises are rapidly adopting them, even in the current BYOD world.
Inside Dell's India Strategy
Jun 14, 2012
Dell’s End-to-End Solutions Strategy for India. Exclusive interview with Amit Midha, President, Asia Pacific and Japan, Chairman, Global Emerging Markets, Dell
Intel’s SMB Strategy: time to re-ignite, reboot?
Nov 17, 2011
'If the price of Ultrabooks does not fall below US $800, they too will follow a swift end like the netbook form factor.'
IT vendors should target large enterprises like they do for SMBs
Sep 14, 2011
If the sales-force of large MNCs approach these CIOs with solutions on virtualization, cloud, disaster recovery, business intelligence and others the sales cycle necessarily gets prolonged with sometimes disheartening results
PC business spin off: not easy for HP, for prospects
Aug 25, 2011
A spin-off would be tough but a sell-off might just end up being the stuff of nightmares. There are not many suitors that have the interest and clout to take on such business and so the list is short – and we think all are likely to bite back.
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