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Ericsson Sets Up 5G CoE, Innovation Lab In IIT-Delhi
Jul 03, 2018
The 5G Center of Excellence supports the Government’s plans to foster a robust and vibrant 5G ecosystem in India. We want India to be an active participant in the design, development and manufacturing of 5G-based technologies, products and apps.
Bata Strengthens Omnichannel CRM Strategy
Jul 03, 2018
Capillary Technologies has helped Bata strengthen it's omnichannel CRM strategies in the Philippines and Vietnam.
Cyber GCCs In India At The Cusp Of Transformation
Jul 03, 2018
GCCs will play a catalyst role in expediting the cyber security growth in India, says a new report.
Bank, Telcos Drive India's External Storage Market: IDC
Jul 02, 2018
Organizations are actively considering flash options and are willing to pay the additional price premium to avail best in class performance, said IDC.
Frost & Sullivan Honors Innovative IT Firms In India
Jun 29, 2018
Frost & Sullivan concluded its 16th edition of the 2018 India ICT Awards, felicitating companies that created breakthrough business models.
Is Time Ripe For Robot CEOs? Firms Think Otherwise
Jun 29, 2018
HR leaders and employees want to embrace AI, but organizations are failing to prepare the workforce, according to a new study.
Digital Payment To Drive Blockchain Growth In India, Says Study
Jun 29, 2018
The study noted that the country’s blockchain market would be highly dependent on increasing growth of digital payment solution through several intermediaries including digital wallets and UPI
Firms Unable To Cope With Security Skill Gap, Vendor Sprawl: Study
Jun 28, 2018
Cybersecurity skills gap and too many vendors creating chaos in the security space are inhibiting organizations from achieving a stronger security posture, according to a new study.
Cisco Invests In Fostering Entrepreneurship, Social Initiatives
Jun 28, 2018
In order to make the most of the plethora of opportunities that lie ahead of us, we will need to harness the power of technology to create an inclusive digital economy.
Why VPN Services Are Getting More And More Popular
Jun 27, 2018
[Sponsored*] A VPN, or a virtual private network, is an application that ensures your privacy by routing your web traffic through a specific route. This hides your activities from outside entities, including hackers and spyware programs.