Hinesh Jethwani & Ankush Sohoni
E-commerce Industry Reels After Baazee CEO's Arrest
Dec 21, 2004
In what is being seen as a "travesty of cyber laws and e-commerce regulations", the widely reported arrest of Baazee CEO, Avnish Bajaj has opened up a can of worries for the Indian e-commerce industry. The "sex, lies & videotape"...
Sun Could Grow Bigger With Us: Red Hat VP
Oct 20, 2004
In recent years, many Open Source stalwarts have given India a miss when it came to evangelical tours. So it was a pleasant surprise to see Michael Tiemann, vice president, open source affairs, Red Hat -- a widely renowned and extremely...
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Is SuSE Just A Passing Fad For Novell?
Sep 03, 2004
Novell's acquisition of SuSE may have given some vendors a sleepless night, but Red Hat is totally unfazed by the threat of competing against a billion-dollar club veteran. In an exclusive, CXOtoday spoke to Steve McWhirter, VP, Red Hat...
Will Novell's Penguin Spoil Red Hat's Tux Party?
Sep 02, 2004
Probably one of the most eloquent technology speakers in the business, Jurgen Geck, CTO, SuSE Linux AG, spoke to CXOtoday in an exclusive interview about SuSE's ambitious entry into the Red Hat dominated Indian Linux market. Below are some...
Tags: Linux, MS
Novell Calls It a (Linux) Day
Sep 01, 2004
With curtains closing on the Novell Linux Day (held in Mumbai yesterday), what impact has SuSE caused on the Indian CIOs mind? CXOtoday took a closer look at the event to gauge the response to Novell's ambitious plans for SuSE in the country. ...
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Microsoft v/s Linux: Matrix Reloaded
Sep 01, 2004
With SuSE now officially hitting Indian shores as Novell's Linux spearhead, Microsoft has another face in the enterprise space to contend with; or does it? Has the matrix changed, or do the rules of the game still remain the same? In an...
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Microsoft Practices & Preaches @ TechEd 2004
Aug 19, 2004
Microsoft's three-day developer mega-fest climaxed today, giving technology geeks a chance to spruce up their arsenal with new tricks in the software trade. Attended by a mixed audience, TechEd 2004 showcased programming at its 'visual'...
Tags: developer
Microsoft Hardens Network With IPsec
Aug 17, 2004
Ever wondered how the software giant (Microsoft for the uninitiated) uses technology internally? At TechEd India 2004 held in Mumbai today, Microsoft India presented a detailed blueprint of its IPsec implementation -- a global initiative to...
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Do You Have a Business Continuity Plan Yet?
Jul 30, 2004
The 9/11 disaster has opened up the eyes of many, establishing the fact that no business is infallible. In the event of a disaster, Indian banks have the dubious reputation of being the most poorly equipped in comparison to global...
Tags: banks
The Truth About Microsoft
Jul 30, 2004
Gartner's prediction released early this year suggested that the computing race was between Unix and Linux, with the former all set to become a big loser (By 2008, 60 % of large enterprises will have migrated 80 % of their Unix based...
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