Hinesh Jethwani
In Linux We Trust: Indian Jawans
Jan 28, 2005
Since its birth in 1991, Linus Torvalds' baby has been waging many a war against dominating proprietary software empires. Linux has made history again, this time lending a hand to a real world battle scenario. The Indian Army has become...
Tags: Linux, MS
KVM Switches: A Must Have For Admins
Jan 28, 2005
If you step into a typical server room, a Web of machines intertwined with a complex mass of cables greets you. The battle for consolidation and control is often hidden deep within this mesh. However, only few IT managers have the courage to...
Microsoft Gets Bullish In Rural & Co-op Banking Space
Dec 24, 2004
The Indian rural and co-operative banking sector is expected to rake in significant business for the Redmond giant in 2005. Microsoft is looking to expand its control over the BFSI sector, and is taking its latest initiative, "Experience...
PC Market Hits Turbulence With IBM's Sellout
Dec 08, 2004
"IBM to sell its PC business, HP to takeover Dell, IBM to strike a JV with Apple, etc., etc.," the rumor mill has been working round the clock over the past few weeks in churning out every permutation imaginable in the personal computing...
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Sun Revs Up Storage Drive
Nov 05, 2004
In an exclusive, James Comstock, senior director of Sun Microsystems (storage strategy, product line director, storage software and network software), spoke about Sun s new roadmap to reclaim its glory in the storage space. Below are some...
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More C Level Talk Between CSOs & CEOs Needed
Nov 05, 2004
In an exclusive, newly appointed managing director (South Asia & India) of RSA Security, Ross Wilson talks about security management in the enterprise. CXOtoday: Research reports today are increasingly suggesting that the onus of security...
Tags: CSOs
Sunny Days Ahead, Solaris & UltraSPARC Still Hot
Oct 25, 2004
“Linux (on x86) may be our biggest competitor, but Solaris and UltraSPARC are still Sun's hot buttons,” says Anil Valluri, country director, client services, Sun Microsystems India. Sun India has formally announced new...
Tags: Sun, Linux
Microsoft Exec Defends Red October
Oct 14, 2004
Microsoft's 'Red October' saw a flurry of flaw reports and patches released on Tuesday, bursting the bubble for many unfortunate system admins planning to relax on election day. The more fortunate enterprises had their patch management...
Tags: security
GPS Navigation In Indian Automobiles?
Oct 11, 2004
A peculiar problem that I faced during my undergrad days when I designed my first enterprise logistics solution (an overzealous engineering college project), was the lack of accurate information about my country's civil infrastructure topology...
Tags: GPS, technology
Indian Giants Pump Rs 5 Cr Into Penguin Breeding
Oct 07, 2004
In most cases, an investment of Rs 5 crore backed by entities like billion dollar giant IBM and India's innovation spearhead, C-DAC, may go unnoticed -- As the sum is peanuts in comparison to what they spend otherwise. What makes this one...
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