Ivor Soans
Mid-Management Buy In
Aug 24, 2006
Getting top-management buy-in into IT is key to the success of the Enterprise IT Leader. However, in many intelligent Indian enterprises this is no longer a concern area for the Enterprise IT Leader, as visionary boards of directors and CEOs...
Middleware As An Answer
Aug 03, 2006
I've just come back from panel discussions consisting of leading Enterprise Leaders in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Pune where we looked at the concept of middleware and whether adoption of middleware technologies would help enterprises with the...
Should CIOs become CEOs?
Jul 06, 2006
CXOtoday.com events have acquired a well-deserved reputation for excellence when it comes to meeting the needs of Enterprise IT Leaders, and perhaps none illustrated this more than CIOEvolution, which took place last week in Mumbai and this...
Never say never
May 22, 2006
Last week saw the fall of another bastion in computing--the Dell-Intel relationship. Although Dell will continue to use Intel processors for a vast majority of its systems, AMD has made an entry--Dell has announced it will use AMD's Opteron...
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Voice may be the answer
Feb 27, 2006
One common grouse among CXOs is the state of communications infrastructure in India. There is an urgent need to ensure that the complete supply and distribution chain is driven by enterprise IT solutions because that increases competitiveness...
When even DR failed
Aug 05, 2005
Starting on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 26, the city of Mumbai experienced a disaster on a scale it has never witnessed before. Thanks to an instance of extreme rainfall, the city received what is perhaps the most amount of rain any densely...
Lessons from London
Jul 08, 2005
Yesterday, it was London's turn to experience what many global cities have experienced earlier-the horror of terror on a scale that's the worst nightmare of humanity. So, London joins New York, Madrid and our very own Mumbai, which...
Indian Railways Needs IT
Jun 10, 2005
The Indian Railways is one of the largest railway systems in the world, and in many parts of this vast country that we live in, the Indian Railways is almost a lifeline. Considering the logistical nightmares that are part of any operation on...
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A Call To Community Wi-Fi
May 25, 2005
My laptop PC is Wi-Fi enabled, but most often, I end up getting connected to the Internet using an Ethernet cable. This despite the fact that Wi-Fi is far easier to work with--cable clutter is one of my pet peeves. The basic problem lies in the...
Moving Towards Integrated Support
May 06, 2005
One of the key highlights of 'Architecture of the Future' the joint event by CXOtoday.com and Ziff-Davis Media held recently in Mumbai, was the fact that four leading technology players were willing to publicly commit that they would support...
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