Ivor Soans
Time To Comply
Apr 15, 2005
There's no dearth of theories on how badly the recent news of some Pune-based BPO staffers being arrested for stealing money from US-based client accounts will affect the Indian BPO juggernaut. While the doomsayers are saying the incident...
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QoS anyone?
Apr 01, 2005
Even though the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is trying to bring down bandwidth prices, it's still a fact that Indians will continue to pay among the highest prices in the world for bandwidth. A large part of the blame for this...
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Paris Hilton and enterprise IT
Mar 11, 2005
Chances are you've heard of Paris Hilton. She featured in a recent reality show rerun on an Indian television channel, but it's more likely you would have seen her name in some junk mail or Web ad banner offering videos of her intimate...
Lessons from Media Labs
Feb 25, 2005
When the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) much-hyped Indian partnership, Media Lab Asia, went down in 2003 amidst a hailstorm of controversy, a lot of anger was directed towards the Indian government, which had finally pulled the...
India's Telecom Dinosaurs
Feb 04, 2005
If you travel across Mumbai, there's one ad campaign you won't fail to notice--especially if you're among those inclined towards technology. The hoardings proclaim that MTNL, the government-owned telecom utility in Mumbai, now offers 256...
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Celebrating Indian Newspaper Day
Jan 28, 2005
Tomorrow, January 29, is Indian Newspaper Day. The day commemorates the birth of the first newspaper in India, a weekly called 'Hickey's Bengal Gazette,' which also went by the name 'Calcutta General Advertiser.' It was first published on...
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And the Spam Goes On
Jan 21, 2005
If there's one thing that Microsoft chairman Bill Gates wishes he never said, I'd wager it would be his famous promise to crack the Spam problem by 2006, thanks to some 'magic solution' that Microsoft was then working on. Well, we all know...
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Technology With A Human Face
Jan 14, 2005
I'm all for technology-savvy businesses--especially in the services sector. But I'm discovering that unless service-oriented businesses fuse technology with a personal touch, they run the risk of making a mess of the business and bringing in...
Hit By A Tsunami
Dec 31, 2004
Quite a few newspapers and magazines had already printed their lists of the best and worst events of the year and just five days before we could roll over into 2005 came a disaster that changed the face of 2004. Even as local governments,...
Baazee Case Is A Wake-up Call
Dec 21, 2004
Hugh Hefner must be happy he doesn't do business in India. No, not because India doesn't have a market for pornography, nor because Indian law forbids soft porn. Hugh Hefner must be happy he doesn't do business in India because sometimes...
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