Ivor Soans
It's M&A Season Out There
Dec 16, 2004
The season of cheer has turned into M&A season, at least in the world of IT. The first to land was the news of the imminent demise of the IBM PC and the second was the best Christmas gift Larry Ellison, head honcho of Oracle could wish...
Customer Care And CXOs
Dec 04, 2004
Chances are you've shopped at Shopper's Stop, one of India's largest retail chains. I've long been one of the Shopper's Stop faithful, and even today--despite the appearance of similar chains, I still shop quite often at 'Shopper's' as...
Here's To The Fox
Nov 19, 2004
The quick brown fox is jumping ahead by leaps and bounds. I've been using Mozilla Firefox beta versions for months now, and was thrilled to see version 1.0 of the browser go live. Firefox's first stable release has exceeded Mozilla's...
Time To Bolt The Stable Door
Nov 11, 2004
While many Indians looked on with utter disbelief--as did most others on our planet--after the US Presidential election results were announced, the wags were out in full force. One smart aleck pointed out that not only did India have a better...
Tags: voting
Going beyond success
Nov 05, 2004
Oracle Open World 2004 was the IT event of the week, at least as far as Mumbai was concerned. Though the event saw a fair bit of excitement and not all of it positive for Oracle, what with India head honcho Shekhar Dasgupta announcing his...
Tags: Oracle
Blogging Away The Competition
Oct 29, 2004
A new frontier has opened up in corporate warfare-no longer do corporate head honchos have to put words into a scribe s pen by way of a 'leak' or similar underhand tactics. Now, they simply take aim at competitors through blogs. Since a...
Tags: blog
Is Wireless The Next Big Thing?
Oct 18, 2004
At CXOtoday.com, we're constantly endeavoring to cross new frontiers—we've just made a foray into research and as a beginning, we've undertaken a Â'Study on Adoption of Wireless Solutions Among Enterprise Users in India & Emerging...
Tags: Wi-Fi
Time to go 64-bit
Oct 06, 2004
32-bit server systems are still at the heart of most Indian enterprises. Non-RISC 64-bit computing has been in the news for years now but hasn't penetrated deep into many Indian enterprises. RISC-based 64-bit systems are used in many...
Tags: 64-bit
Is BEST Really "Smart"?
Sep 24, 2004
One enduring symbol of Mumbai is its ubiquitous red buses. The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking, better known by the acronym BEST, lives up to that acronym as it operates what is undoubtedly the premier metropolitan bus...
Tags: BEST, buses
SP2 Anyone?
Sep 17, 2004
Thankfully, Microsoft's Windows XP SP2 update protects the user against the recent buffer overrun vulnerability that exists in the processing of JPEG image formats. Microsoft hasn't had an easy time with XP SP2, and if the much-touted update...
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