Ivor Soans
Aspirin For E-mail Headaches
Sep 08, 2004
If some agency charged everyone a fee for every e-mail they received, I'd be dishing out a fortune. E-mail management is a headache for me—not only do I have to deal with the legit stuff, but despite anti-spam tools, anti-virus solution and...
Tags: e-mail, spam
Customer service-oriented CIOs
Aug 27, 2004
Just this morning, my bank managed to raise my blood pressure and stress levels all over again. Now, this is no bloated, government-owned public sector outfit where the words 'customer' and 'service' aren't ever used in a single...
The Really Scary Piracy Story
Aug 20, 2004
Every couple of months some outfit conducts a survey on software piracy rates and out tumbles some scary figures. So, chances are you read about the recent BSA-IDC global software piracy study, which revealed that 53 percent of the software...
Tags: piracy IDC
IS & Seemingly Insignificant Things
Aug 12, 2004
A recent report in The Boston Globe holds some pointers for Indian CXOs who're concerned about information security. The article informs readers that sensitive US military secrets are available to anyone via file swapping software. Some US...
Tags: IS
IT Challenges For Indian Retail
Aug 05, 2004
While you can count the number of malls in all Indian cities on your fingertips today, some estimates say that around 400 more are in the planning stages. Assuming that even 50 percent of these plans come to fruition, that's an exciting...
Tags: Retail, RFID
Reaching The Heart Of India
Jul 28, 2004
The new coalition in power at the Centre is a dispensation that stormed to power not on the basis of widespread acceptance of its pre-poll promises, but rather because of widespread rejection of the previous government's policies. And although...
Tags: rural
Putting CXOs First
Jul 20, 2004
A good CIO/CTO must always be technology agnostic. Whether it is choosing a solution from the ones who worship at the altar of Open Source, or from the ones who follow steadfastly behind other gods, the smart CIO keeps his company's interests...
Tags: CXOs
PSUs Struggle To Keep Pace With Technology
Jul 08, 2004
Despite their gargantuan sizes and profits public sector banks aren't exactly hands down favorites to win any banking user choice awards. And when some reputed global business journal places an Indian bank on its list of top global or regional...
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