Kunal Rupera
How Open is Open Source
Apr 07, 2009
Businesses today depend on technology for their daily needs. Some businesses use IT in a small way, while others implement huge and complex systems to enhance their businesses. No matter what the size, businesses are dependent on IT either by...
Grid-Computing: For a High Throughput
Feb 13, 2009
A biotechnology company might want to use Condor to manage the long running pattern searches over the human genome. An engineering company might have similar needs with long-running simulations of stress on a building, wind tunnel simulations...
A Farce for $10: Computing Device as a Laptop
Feb 05, 2009
A section of the media recently went to town over the "world's first cheapest laptop" announced by Human Resource Minister Arjun Singh, though its specifications and capabilities were yet to be known. The so-called "laptop"...