Muqbil Ahmar
Why 2018 Will Belong To Cloud, AI, Blockchain
Dec 12, 2017
While the year 2017 more or less stabilized new technologies, the coming year could see a significant incline.
Uber Data Breach: Accountability, Corporate Ethics In Question
Dec 05, 2017
It is unimaginable that the massive data breach was hidden by the company for more than a year and has just been revealed. Uber will have to answer many such uncomfortable questions.
GES '17: Ivanka Trump’s Focus On Tech Is Not Misplaced
Nov 30, 2017
Indian businesses lag behind in adoption of modern enterprise technology, said Ivanka Trump, Adviser to US President Donald Trump.
Leveraging Digital Technologies For Manufacturing
Nov 22, 2017
Initiatives such as “Make in India” depend on the success of “Digital India”, particularly in the field of manufacturing.
How Big Data Can Combat Child Trafficking
Nov 21, 2017
Modern technologies such as Big Data and Analytics can provide cutting-edge tools in the battle against human trafficking.
How TV, Print Media Firms Are Leveraging Digital Technologies
Nov 09, 2017
media companies must leverage digital technologies such as enterprise software or smartphones to streamline business and increase the efficiency of operations.
Why Is India's Business Rankings Still Not Good Enough
Nov 01, 2017
India climbs World Bank's Doing Business Ranking, but there are several challenges that remain to be addressed.
3 Artificial Intelligence Companies To Watch Out For
Oct 31, 2017
Globally, AI-driven systems are making way for a collaborative, explorative, as well as focused understanding and leveraging of business.
Is Artificial Intelligence The Future Of ERP Software Optimization?
Oct 16, 2017
AI is revolutionizing the ERP software domain and radically transforming the way businesses function.
There's No Stopping The IoT Growth; Here's Why
Oct 10, 2017
With predictions that around 20 to 30 billion devices could be connected to the Internet by 2020, the industry is abuzz.
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