Muqbil Ahmar
Why Is Cloud Computing The Most Disruptive Force
Jun 12, 2017
The cloud market will continue to gain momentum as businesses shift from legacy systems to cloud-based ones, with an increasingly higher number of organizations pursuing digital business strategies.
Harness IoT And Smart Appliances To Conserve Energy
Jun 05, 2017
With Digital India and Smart City initiatives already underway in the country, India should look at new ways of energy conservation, .
Lessons For Indian Biz From Other GST-Compliant Countries
Jun 02, 2017
Although it is still early days to assess the overall impact, India can learn a lot from the experiences of other countries with the GST and understand ramifications and implementation issues.
Why Are Indian Enterprises So Wary Of AI?
May 30, 2017
Artificial Intelligence tools are optimizing system-operating models and transforming processes for enterprises, globally.
How Social Media Is Changing CRM
May 26, 2017
Social media not only helps in lead generation, but also in enhancing customer relationship management (CRM). Here's how.
World Telecom Day: How Big Data Can Help The Sector
May 17, 2017
The theme for this year’s World Telecommunications Day is “Big Data for Big Impact.” And rightly so. Big Data technologies are transforming the telecom landscape.
National Tech Day: 3 technologies That Will Define India’s Future
May 11, 2017
Modern technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics are introducing new ways of doing business.
Big Data, A Frontline Tool, In The Fight Against Thalassemia
May 08, 2017
Moreover, doctors can analyze how patients with specific genes respond to different treatments, compare patients against past occurrences, and make decisions based on facts, not judgment.
Can Virtual Archaeology Revive India’s Cultural Heritage?
May 05, 2017
VR, big data can actually reignite public interest in the science of excavations or archaeology and is the next best thing for archaeologists.
Earth Day: How Big Data Helps In Reducing Pollution
Apr 21, 2017
Big Data tools use mathematical and statistical models, tools, and algorithms to discover trends and patterns including the ability to make predictions.
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