Prasanto K Roy
After TRAI’s Nod to Net Neutrality, the Real Work Begins
Feb 09, 2016
The war isn't over yet, not because this issue may yet end up in court; The real battle is providing internet access to nearly a billion Indians.
IBM Brings Watson To India
Feb 03, 2016
Cognitive computing a game changer in cancer-care, commerce and other areas, says IBM chief Ginni Rometty in Bangalore
With So Much Tech, Why Does Fog Disrupt Flights?
Jan 08, 2016
This winter’s first real fog saw over 100 badly-delayed flights in Delhi. Why doesn’t tech help? Well, it did, actually
FAQs: Of Free Basics And Net Neutrality
Jan 04, 2016
Does Free Basics Violate Net Neutrality? And if it does, should it be banned in India? Read on to know more.
FAQs: The Death of Section 66A
Mar 27, 2015
Why did it take so long to kill 66A? And why are free-speech campaigners still unhappy? Here are some answers for FAQs