Priyanka Pugaokar
Smartphone Cos Eyeing A Share Of The Content Pie
Apr 07, 2016
The entry of smartphone makers in the VOD space is expected to make the competition more stiff for content service providers.
The Battle Turns Fierce Among E Commerce Players
Apr 06, 2016
With the competition becoming fierce, eCommerce players will need to focus on value addition
How Cloud is Enhancing Efficiency Of NGOs
Apr 05, 2016
Cloud Technology is enabling NGOs to work for social causes more efficiently
How OTT Can Speed Up Digital India's Success
Mar 30, 2016
Due to the factors like exponential growth in the smartphones and a rollout of 4G services, the OTT industry is set to prosper in India.
How Virtual Reality Can Impact Business
Mar 29, 2016
Virtual Reality (VR) is no longer restricted to entertainment or gaming, it has huge potential to impact enterprise decision making.
Will Wearable Tech Replace Smartphones?
Mar 28, 2016
Smartphone makers are now capitalizing on smart wearables - touted as the next big wave in the smart device industry.
There's No Stopping India's E-Commerce Boom
Mar 22, 2016
This year, online commerce is expected to increase by 78 percent, from 66 percent in 2015.
Enterprise, Kaspersky's Key Growth Area For 2016
Mar 21, 2016
The Russian anti virus solution provider said that B2B would be the major focus area for the company in the South Asia region in 2016.
9 Powerful Women In Tech From India
Mar 18, 2016
Here are some top women executives from India who have made a path breaking success in the IT industry.
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