Raj Narayan
Are RJio Competitors Barking Up The Wrong Tree?
Jul 28, 2017
Ever since the Mukesh Ambani-led Company made ‘free’ the new yardstick for mobile telephony, rivals have been crying foul. The question is do they even realize that price wars are just the tip of the iceberg?
5 Ways CIOs Can Rewire Their Minds To Stay Successful
Dec 01, 2016
How does one rewire oneself to stay on top of one’s game? The answer is often found in sporting excellence.
Apple iPhone Sales Up In India, Cook Says ‘Jai Ho’ To R-Jio
Oct 26, 2016
With Apple once again reporting lower quarterly sales and revenues, the only bright spark appeared to be a spurt in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus sales.
Fasten Your Seatbelts, R-Jio Is Taking Off
Oct 21, 2016
Despite TRAI asking it to limit free offers till December 3, the Mukesh Ambani-led Telco could be setting the stage for a no-holds barred price war.
Will Reliance Jio Do To Data What R-Com Did To Voice?
Aug 01, 2016
Mukesh Ambani gave cell phones to every Indian in 2003; Thirteen years later, will he replicate that success with Reliance Jio?
Amazon Overtakes Flipkart: Here’s How They Did It
Jul 28, 2016
The Jeff Bezos-led global e-commerce giant redefined its business model to suit Indian sensibilities
Verizon Buys Yahoo! And, We Find It Tough To Digest
Jul 26, 2016
What’s the big deal if a company, once valued at USD 100 billion in 2000 is getting sold for USD 4.5 billion?
Brett King Bets Big On Small Data For Banking Growth
Jan 17, 2014
Banking innovator Brett King has opened a new thought by suggesting that it is not the big but the ‘small data’ that will drive future growth in the banking industry.
Is Tim too timid for Apple?
Sep 16, 2013
People are already feeling short-changed and it is for Tim Cook to find the answers.