Sandhya Malhotra
Enterprises Want Clutter-Free Messaging Apps
Aug 27, 2015
Beerud Sheth, Co Founder and CEO of Webaroo explains how mobile messaging or cloud messaging in large enterprise can play a big role.
IBM's Smarter Approach To India's Smart Cities
Aug 21, 2015
Prashant Pradhan, Dir, Smarter Planet Business, IBM India-SA explains, smart cities projects are very domain specific and not generic IT projects.
Facebook's $20 Mn Worth Benefits To Indian Developers
Aug 14, 2015
Facebook is looking to enroll large numbers of growing India-bound mobile developers under FbStart program.
How Reliance Is Simplifying Cloud Delivery For Businesses
Jul 21, 2015
The company has set a target to connect 122 locations in the next 24 months through Cloud X.
It's Not About PC; Acer Bets Big On Connected Devices
Jul 21, 2015
It has invested in products like Skype certification, precision touch-pad, curved monitors and many more feature rich products.
How NVIDIA Is Stepping Up its Enterprise Computing Game
Jul 15, 2015
Vishal Dhupar, MD, South Asia, NVIDIA Graphics, discusses the company's roadmap in the enterprise and consumer segments.
What's Driving The Future of Mobile VAS
Jul 10, 2015
VAS Asia Conference 201 provided insights on growth opportunities in VAS market
Digital India: Why Are Enterpises Betting Big?
Jul 02, 2015
The IT industry will be a primary partner of the the Government to restructure and refocus several existing schemes.
Designing A Sustainable Digital Strategy
Jun 26, 2015
Frost & Sullivan’s Digital Enterprise Transformation Summit 2015 offers insights on digital scenario
CSO Needs To Be More Loud About Security Breaches
Jun 26, 2015
Like cyber attackers, there is a need for CSOs too to share information between themselves, says Uniken's Shrirang Bapat
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