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"Mobile marketing is focused marketing not spamming"
Jul 10, 2012
In an exclusive interview to CXOtoday, Alex Moukas, CEO, Velti, explains how marketers can engage with and reach their consumers through innovative mobile marketing and advertising efforts. Excerpts.
A New Beginning
Jul 10, 2012
Since 2003, has persistently strived to provide high quality news and features, and unbiased reporting on the IT industry and impact IT has on enterprises.
Technology to build a Smart and Secure Infrastructure
Jun 27, 2012
Currently, in India, physical infrastructure developers are constantly on the lookout for technologies, which enable them to create energy efficient and secure buildings. To offer such businesses insights on such technologies, in association
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Cloud helps in testing the performance of the software
Apr 15, 2011
In an interview to CXOtoday, Akshay Aggarwal, Country General Manager, Micro Focus, speaks about the software testing market in India and how cloud helps in testing the performance of the software
Cloud adoption will make the CIO's role more strategic
Apr 15, 2011
In India, CIOs have always doubled up as CISOs, however with the fast changing security landscape, businesses now realize the need to have dedicated CISOs. At the recently concluded, "India Enterprise Security Summit 2011", CXOtoday spoke to Ekta Aggarwal
"The technology will be greener in 2011"
Mar 10, 2011
As the industry transitions from the traditional hosting to a more cloud based world, the rise of managed cloud services is inevitable. In a interview to CXOtoday, Kamal Sharma, CIO, Mindlance talks about the trends and adoption of manage
"There is a greater need for automation & process management in Indian educational institutes"
Feb 28, 2011
In a bid to improve the standard of education, more and more institutes of higher learning throughout the country are adopting various forms of technology. In an interview to CXOtoday, Raj Mruthyunjayappa, MD - APAC & Europe, Talisma Corporation, shares t
"Having a single tier datacenter doesn’t make sense anymore"
Feb 21, 2011
Almost all industries rely on computing for their daily operations, hence it becomes necessary for them to access data from a reliable datacenter. In an interview with, Ed Ansett, Director, HP Critical Facilities Services, explains the latest
Arrogance, the reason for Nokia's downfall
Feb 15, 2011
The resultant sum of two negative numbers is always a negative number. Though this operation holds true arithmetically
"Indian financial institutions want to outsource their software testing needs"
Feb 11, 2011
As more and more financial institutions in the country look to outsource their software testing needs, financial software testing companies such Thinksoft see a huge opportunity in this space. In an interview to CXOtoday, Vanaja Arvind, Executive Director