Shweta Verma
Does your C-suite need a new set of leaders?
Nov 19, 2013
Changing business requirements are giving rise to newer leadership roles in the C-suite – CMO, CFO, CSO, CDO - there is an entire set of new roles that can be added.
Is this end of the euphoria for social tech?
Nov 12, 2013
Companies that were initially gung-ho for adoption of social technologies are now losing momentum, shows a McKinsey report.
Cognizant’s game changing strategy that delivered
Nov 08, 2013
Once again Cognizant has surprised the markets with its astounding third quarter results, posting a 22% year-on-year growth, zipping way ahead of its rivals. What is it that has worked for the company?
Procurement outsourcing reduces supply chain risks
Nov 05, 2013
Denis Royer, Managing Director, Procurement Services, Xchanging, shares some insights on procurement outsourcing in an exclusive interaction with CXO Today.
Seven steps for a successful business turnaround
Oct 30, 2013
If business leaders have to bring about a turnaround in their companies, they should get rid of their biases and be willing to take bold decisions.
How to deal with workplace conflicts
Oct 28, 2013
No matter how carefully you select your team members or define responsibilities, you can never avoid conflicts at the workplace, at best you can only try and minimize them.
Is Wipro’s revamp strategy showing results?
Oct 23, 2013
Wipro’s Q2 results show that it has grown at its fastest in two years, witnessed growth across verticals and increased revenue from US clients.
PCs or Tablets: What’s more apt for the business user?
Oct 22, 2013
Tablets are riding high on the growing demand in the consumer market. But is the business user ready to make the shift?
Do bad guys make great tech CEOs?
Oct 18, 2013
They are more willing to take risks, make bigger bets and bring about revolutionary changes.
Is Flipkart ready to take on Amazon in India?
Oct 10, 2013
Flipkart seems to be back on track with yet another round of funding of $160 million. Can it now give a tough fight to the likes of Amazon and eBay in India?
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