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Five Key Takeaways From Cisco India Summit 2018
Jul 02, 2018
Traditionally, Cisco has been a hardware driven company, but now it is transforming as an organization from hardware to service and software.
After Telecom, RJio Set To Disrupt India’s E-Commerce
Jun 28, 2018
Being the latest to enter the race, Reliance Jio now aims to reach out to millions of Indian customers.
The Digital Messiah: Inside Accenture's Innovation Hub
Jun 19, 2018
Today, about 55% of its revenues come from the new digital, cloud, and security services, and this space is witnessing a strong double digits growth.
Indus OS To Become Default Platform For Internet Content
Jun 15, 2018
In a world dominated by Android, a desi mobile OS is servicing the localised needs of first-time Indian internet users. Here’s how it plans to scale up.
AI, IoT Enhancing Video Surveillance Capabilities
Jun 06, 2018
Benjamin Low, VP-APAC at Milestone Systems, explains the changing scenario in the video surveillance space, the various technologies impacting video surveillance and the role Milestone is playing in this space.
Walmart-Flipkart Deal Faces Big Threats From Small Traders
Jun 05, 2018
Last month, Walmart wrapped up its much-awaited Flipkart acquisition for $16 billion, which was also aimed at competing with arch-rival Amazon.
How AWS Is Driving India's Cloud Growth Story
May 30, 2018
Chandra Sankholkar, GM of Amazon Internet Services, said AWS is bullish across sectors and businesses and sees great things happening in India in the days to come.
How To Avoid And Mitigate Risk Of Fake News
May 24, 2018
As a term, ‘fake news’ was almost unheard of even 2-3 years ago, but is now spreading its obnoxious wings across the world, such that there is a need to identify [distinguish between real and fake] and stop this menace without delay.
Making Digital Transactions Simpler And Secured
May 17, 2018
Innoviti CEO Rajeev Agrawal explains how the company is working towards making digital payments speedier, simpler and more secured.
Leaders Should Optimize IT I&O For Digital Business
May 14, 2018
DD Mishra, Research Director, Gartner explains to CXOToday the vital connections between digital technologies, relationships and cultural influences, with a special focus on leadership in every I&O role.
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