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Breathe Techies, US Will Not Snatch All Your Jobs
Apr 04, 2017
The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in its new guidelines preclude computer programmers from securing an H-1B visa.
What It Takes To Be The 'World's Most Ethical IT Firm'
Mar 28, 2017
While technical skills are negotiable for a job or working toward a promotion, character counts and integrity and work ethics are non-negotiable, believe experts.
Avaya Will Continue To Bet Big On SMBs, Digital India
Mar 27, 2017
In a recent conversation with CXOToday, Vishal Agrawal, Managing Director, India and SAARC, Avaya discusses the company's ambitious growth plans in India, with a focus on SMBs and smart city projects in the country.
Why The Number Of Women In Cybersecurity Is So Low?
Mar 23, 2017
In order to meet the world’s ever-growing need for cyber security talent, we need to include a lot more women in this industry, and that requires a huge change in the mindset.
Vodafone-Idea Merger: What's Next In India's Telecom Consolidation?
Mar 20, 2017
The launch of Jio has triggered intense competition and a phase of consolidation in the industry.
How A Human-Robot Collaboration Can Succeed
Mar 16, 2017
As we move towards an increasingly automated world, how do we reach a point where robots and humans can exist side- by-side, sharing space and collaborating on tasks?
Smart Clothes: The Future Of Enterprise Wearables
Mar 14, 2017
The recent innovation from the combined efforts of Project Jacquard by Google and clothing company Levi’s shows that the future of smart clothing is only getting better.
Leadership Role No Longer Gender Specific
Mar 07, 2017
It is the personality of a leader that matters more than gender, believes Rakesh Makkar, who is currently the Executive Vice President and Head – Business, Marketing and CSR, Fullerton India Credit Company Limited.
Is The Board Ready For A Cyber Attack?
Mar 03, 2017
A recent panel discussion on the topic: "Is The Board Ready For Cyber Attack This Afternoon," highlighted some very interesting issues on the boardroom preparedness on dealing with cyber threats.
CIOs Can Learn From AWS Outage And Move On
Mar 02, 2017
The recent massive outage at Amazon Web Services [AWS] suggests that enterprises can take lessons from the failure to build a robust and dynamic infrastructure and move on.