Sohini bagchi
Can Regulatory Sandbox Nurture India's FinTech Innovation?
Jul 31, 2017
The key challenge in the fintech sector is that often existing regulations are not able to keep pace with rapid technological developments.
Watch Out, Amazon's Jeff Bezos Is Here To Stay Long
Jul 28, 2017
There are a number of things Amazon has taken in its strides, where his rivals falter.
We Are Consistently First To Market: Ixia President
Jul 26, 2017
Bethany Mayer, President of Ixia Solutions Group, a Keysight Business explains what makes Ixia better than its competition and the road ahead for the company.
Zirca Bets On Content Innovation With ContentdB
Jul 20, 2017
ContentdB is essentially a dashboard interface, which brings all campaign reports in one place to ascertain how the users respond to the same information differently, thus, allowing brand marketers to optimize and make their investment give better results
Are Emojis Changing The Way Businesses Communicate?
Jul 18, 2017
Some believe emojis are natural tools of communication and expression in the workplace.
Cloud, Emerging Verticals Driving Growth For Infor
Jul 13, 2017
From Inforum 2017, one can gaze that the company’s cloud strategy is maturing and becoming more refined...
Infor Brings New AI Platform To The Enterprise
Jul 11, 2017
Named in honor of Katherine Coleman Johnsonver, physicist and mathematician whose critical calculations helped man reach the moon, Infor is looking to introduce Coleman to Infor CloudSuite industry suites next year.
How Indian SMBs Can Gain From GST, Automation
Jul 10, 2017
According to Nasscom officials, compliance with GST will be a major trigger to technology adoption by small businesses.
CDN: An Essential Tool For Seamless Content Delivery
Jul 05, 2017
In an exclusive interaction with CXOToday, Ersin Galioglu, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Limelight Networks, talks about the trends and adoption of CDNs, and the way ahead
GST Rollout: Here's What IT-Telecom Experts Say
Jul 03, 2017
On July 1, India has moved to the Goods and Services Tax regime, putting an end to a regime of multiple taxes at various levels. Some taxes such as local administration tax will stay.