Sunil Kumar
"Most organizations have 10-20% adoption of BI"
Apr 03, 2006
How do Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions assist CXOs? A CXO always looks at streamlining cost centers. In terms of a product line what that means is making an effective categorization of products. According to me, CPM products...
Valvoline Cummins Chooses Satyam
Nov 03, 2005
Satyam Computer Services as been selected as the integrated enterprise business solution implementation partner by Valvoline Cummins, an organization into manufacturing and distribution of lubricants, filters, specialty chemicals and car care...
World Wide Web Consortium Launches Indian Office
Nov 03, 2005
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has announced the launch of its Indian office on November 10, 2005. Based at the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) in Noida, India. This will be the first W3C Office launched since the...
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Sybase Unveils ASE 15 For Taming Data Explosion
Oct 28, 2005
Sybase Inc., a provider of enterprise infrastructure and mobile software has announced the latest version of its enterprise-class relational database management system, Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15. According to Sybase, ASE 15...
All We Hear Is Video Ga-Ga
Oct 27, 2005
Are we in the throes of a virtual world where everything may be possible? William Gibson in 'Neuromancer' envisaged a future where globalisation runs amok and technology is not a boon, but a nightmare. While this may be fantasy run amok,...
Tesco Shifts Gears
Oct 26, 2005
Tesco, a Fortune 500 company, is U.K.'s leading and the world's third largest retailer. Spread across 13 countries, it operates over 2300 stores and employs 3,53,000 people. To enhance its business effectivity and efficiency, and to...
CXOtoday Tackles Network Security Challenges
Oct 21, 2005
With a proliferation of networks, for a CIO today, network security challenges are of paramount importance. Threats such as hacking, phishing, pharming and leaks in firms using pen drives and other devices, network security becomes critical in...
Paladion Outlines Security Trends In India
Oct 21, 2005
Paladion Networks is a global information security services and consulting company, with operations in India, Malaysia, U.S. and the Middle East. Founded in 2000, Paladion boasts of more than 70 consultants in India with CISSP, GIAC, BS7799,...
TCS Enters U.K. Life And Pensions Industry
Oct 19, 2005
In the biggest Indian IT deal ever, Tata Consultancy Services has announced its intention to move into the U.K. life and pensions industry. The announcement comes after having entered into exclusive discussions with Pearl Group Limited, the...
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The Future Is Open Says Mainsoft
Oct 14, 2005
In a world dominated by the Redmond, Wa giant, Linus Torvalds' creation continues to wage an ongoing war to gain mainstream acceptance. Towards this end, The Code Project, a virtual community of 2.3 million Visual Studio developers...
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