Virender Jeet – Sr. VP Technology
The Speedy Journey To A Mobile Enterprise
Aug 01, 2017
Driven by expectations of customers and business users, enterprise mobility has infiltrated across
Business Processes Are Not So Passé And Why?
Feb 09, 2017
Talking about processes feels passe. There’s probably a good reason to avoid that talk. People want to focus on results, and not processes. But, is that a reflection of reality, or just a gesture or intent?
4 Trends Shaking Up ECM Market In 2016
Dec 08, 2015
As mobile devices, social media and cloud computing become more ubiquitous, the ECM market is experiencing a tectonic shift.
Building Smart Cities With BPM
Sep 30, 2015
BPM aligns an organization’s business processes with the needs of its clients. In the case of smart cities, the clients are its citizens.
Big Data + Cloud: The Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity
Jul 24, 2015
While cloud computing empowers enterprises to focus on their core business strategy, Big Data helps them develop the strategy itself.