Cloud: A Driver Of Innovation; Not A Mere Efficiency Engine
Cloud computing has come of age for enterprises who understand Cloud as powerful driver of innovation and not merely an engine of efficiency.
Why The Future Of Security Is Context-Based
by Sonit Jain, CEO, GajShield    Dec 15, 2014
Sonit Jain, CEO at GajShield describes some of the key benefits that enterprises can get by implementing context-based security.
Securing Enterprise Cloud Applications
In recent times, it has become more critical than ever to hone in on the linchpin challenge of secure identity management.
Simplify IT With Automated Storage Service Catalogue
by Abdul Bijur, GM, Idea Device    Dec 10, 2014
A Service Catalogue provides audit trails and security compliance, elevating your IT governance to a whole new level.
Building A Trusted Digital World
Art Coviello, Executive Chairman of RSA and expert in cyber security discusses the 'best of times', and the 'worst of times' in cybersecurity.
What IT leaders Must Know While Modernizing BI Tech Stack
Organizations should assess how modernization affects its capabilities in terms of human capital, hardware and software resources.
M&As Pose Cyber Attack Threats To Companies In Asia
AT&T senior security advisor Vanessa Lew suggests 3 action items for CIOs
How Global Collaboration Is Driving Innovation
As global development and delivery practices continue to grow, there’s one thing an organization can count on—and that’s change.
The Internet of Things comes to the Enterprise
While smart things continue to capture the imagination of consumers, there is much to be gained with enterprise implementations.
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