Top Leadership Myths And Why?
Many a times, people use above myths as an excuse to give up trying or exploring and continue with their mundane activities.
Ways To Secure Your Enterprise Cloud
There's no silver bullet for data security, but they should continue to remain proactive when it comes to securing data in the cloud.
Challenges Of Maintaining A Diversified IT
Increased complexity in the diversified tech environment demands the CIO to coordinate and collaborate so as to manage IT infrastructure efficiently.
Predictive Analytics Takes Center Stage
Predictive analytics helps to accurately assess and manage critical clinical data, helping to cut costs, increase efficiency, and maximize returns.
How Analytics Can Solve Telecom Network Congestion
Technology is not the inhibitor of telecom traffic jams; it is our inability to leverage this technology – and marry it to analytics.
Data Protection: Has the role of a CXO Evolved?
Prasenjit Saha, CEO, Infrastructure Management Services and Security Business, Happiest Minds Technologies
3 Key Objectives Of Remote Branch IT Infrastructure
Organizations today are in a great position to leverage innovative technologies such as branch converged infrastructure solution.
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, Stay Dissatisfied!
Many a times, people find themselves not being able to move ahead after achieving the goal as they would not have thought beyond it.
Cloud Transformation In The Services Industry
With the advent of Cloud services, the differentiation between the “Product” and “Services” companies is getting blurred.
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