Building Digital Trust
Business leaders should ensure a strong foundation of trust in their digital transformation journey, writes Sivarama Krishnan of PwC India.
IT And Disruptive Innovation In Healthcare
Technology has evolved in many areas of medicine and emerged as one of the strongest pillars of modern healthcare, says Anjan Bose.
All You Need to Know About The Boss-Associate Conflict
The two basic cornerstones of the boss – associate conflict will always be personality related differences and workplace expectations.
SMEs: Aligning IT Investments With Business Goals
One of the biggest parameters for SME's success is choosing the right Partner who can identify with SME business goals.
Big Data For Excellence In Customer Support
Big Data analytics can help predict the time required to resolve a specific type of customer request ticket.
Integration Can Help Retailers Stay Relevant
Integration should help the retailers in a smooth operation of all its functions and provide a consistent view of its master data
Three Ways to Improve Employee Engagement
So how can employees become more engaged? Here are 3 approaches to empower employees and improve productivity across the IT organization
What's Driving Big Data Transformation within Enterprises?
With an effective big data strategy, organizations will be able to gather the right information, process it and then extract valuable insight from it.
The Content Marketing Imperative
With the explosion of unstructured content (social media conversations, chats, blogs), there is a real need to filter out the signal from the noise.
Tech Outsourcing In The New Banking Era
Banks are realizing the benefits from an outsourced approach that offers flexibility in management on a pay-per-use model.
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