All Great Organizations Have Great Leaders
The best leaders are those that can identify and appreciate the differences that one brings to the table and knows how to put them to full use.
Combating Emerging Threats: A New Approach
Almost 80% of the threats organizations face are internal and traditional approaches to Information security may not be adequate to address the emerging threat scenario.
Technology - What Next For The IT Sector?
Establishing standards and compliance will help create a way to bring the industry together, enable innovation, manageability and scale.
Challenges for Indian Enterprises in Security Implementation
There is the need for more concerted and synergistic efforts at industry-level to overcome challenges in implementing cyber-security.
VUCA Spells Doom For Businesses, Boom For BCM
In the wake of VUCA, progressive companies need to prepare themselves to be able to build organizations that are resilient.
Essential Tips for Budding Directors
Are organizations awarding the title of Director to managers as a part of retaining campaign or is it on skill basis.
Analytics - A Key Enabler In The Retail Revolution
The knowledge of what consumers want, is helping retailers present compelling opportunities for acute data analytics.
Let’s Have More Great Days at Work!
The next Generation Workspace is clearly moving towards a continuously online, always mobile and an ever responsive social environment.
Content Management Is The Key To Success
For many companies, the new reality is that, if content does not exist on a mobile screen, then for all practical purposes it might as well not exist at all.
How Data Analytics Is Driving The Travel Sector
Analytics can help in cross-selling products/services to the existing customer base through customer segmentation and match it with their purchase history data.
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