Latest Trends In Cloud Computing
Understanding the current cloud computing trends is an important first step towards assimilating mere thoughts in to actionable strategy.
How Managers Can Hire And Retain The Best Talent
The best talent must be nurtured, groomed and most importantly be guided or coached very patiently, writes Chetan Nagaonkar.
Finding Needle In The Security Data Haystack
Despite cyber criminals getting smarter, with the right security solutions in place, the needle in the haystack is no longer hidden.
12 Game-Changing IT Sourcing And Procurement Trends
by Srikrishna Koneru, Infosys BPO    Jul 18, 2014
Here’s a list of 12 game changing S&P trends which companies can into to stay on top and make your S&P function resilient.
Of New Leaders, New Ideas and New Age IT
The new age IT leaders are not entangled in past glory or traditional ways of doing things. They seem more open to new ideas and are ready to embrace ‘change’.
To Get Big Data Right, Get Small Data Artists
Most organizations do not have a business case for the use of Big Data. And invariably, a not so conducive culture to leverage big data technologies.
Helping Retailers Innovate With Mobile
Today mobility is penetrating deeply into the critical realms optimizing store operations leading to customer satisfaction.
Getting Big Data's Big Opportunity Right
The challenge is to determine where to look for the right data sets, how to extract meaningful insights from the glut of information that exists.
Why Techies Need To Boost Their Business Acumen
Some techies think going “beyond” means making ingenious technical contributions, but few try to help business reach the next level.
What IT Decision Makers Want From Union Budget 2014-15
The budget will either open a Pandora’s box or the government will take the courage to bite the silver bullet.
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