The Five Essentials Of Design Thinking
How do an entrepreneur or a startup founder need to implement design thinking? Here are some essentials of design thinking.
Ways To Help Your IT Department Become More Productive
by Dean Wiech, MD, Tools4ever    Nov 23, 2015
The provisioning of new accounts is often one of the biggest wasters of time in any environment, says Dean Wiech, MD, Tools4ever
Companies Act: Revolutionizing Corporate Governance Landscape
Nirmalya Gupta, MD, Protiviti India, says the regulatory environment for the Indian corporates has seen a significant shift in the recent past
Protecting The Perimeter With Network Video Cameras
Network cameras can be built into a more intelligent and reliable, IP-based surveillance system
Connected Manufacturing with Internet of Things
Anuj Bhalla of Wipro talks about the IoT opportunities in the manufacturing sector
How Do You Solve The Problem Of IoT?
While much progress has been made towards a standard for IoT, security, privacy and architecture still remain an issue.
Optimal Customer Engagement Leads To Better RoI
It’s time to loosen up that Six Sigma belt and take a fresh look at specific actions to help organizations engage customers and expedite the customer journey.
Managing the Modern Data Center
by Ravi Raj, Brand Head, Netrack    Nov 04, 2015
The budget-conscious data center managers now have a new set of issues to deal with. Today, we are all trying to make our data centers green.
Five Best Practices In Access Control
Once a yearly review process is in place, the fundamental best practices concept is that an effective security system uses a layered approach to security.
Embracing 'Mobile First' But How?
It’s not an easy task, and it takes more than a few strategy meetings to fully embrace those two words – ‘Mobile First’.
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