The Other Side Of BYOD: Are You Prepared For The Face-Off?
The adoption rate of BYOD has witnessed a major spike over the years, which means, IT can no longer keep the security aspect.
FAQs: The Death of Section 66A
by Prasanto K Roy    Mar 27, 2015
Why did it take so long to kill 66A? And why are free-speech campaigners still unhappy? Here are some answers for FAQs
Why Pay More for IT Storage?
Choosing the right vendor and solution can actually determine whether you find the storage solution truly unified and productive.
Turbo Charge Your Business With Big Data Strategy
Many businesses live with the common myth that Big Data is all about volume and velocity, says Vivek Jayan, Director, Analytics, CSS Corp Pvt Ltd
Leveraging Big Data for Differentiated Customer Experience
Some companies are struggling to visualize their data while others are using predictive models and real-time analytics to drive decisions, says Ashish Pachory, CIO, Tata Teleservices Ltd
Turning Retail IT Challenges Into Business Opportunities
by Marco de Vries, CEO, Openbravo    Mar 20, 2015
Retailers with the right understandig of technology and a focus on customers have the opportunity to thrive.
The Internet Of Things And Data Center
CIOs and technology managers will have to deploy forward-looking capacity management in their data centers.
Technical Debt: Better To Be Safe Than Sorry
It essential for every IT organization to identify and control the debt in a periodic and structured manner.
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the (Hybrid) Cloud!
by Ben Fathi, CTO, VMware    Mar 13, 2015
The future will be “cloudy” – not just for consumers but for enterprises too.
Everything-as-a-Service Era To Redefine Enterprise
Cloud has become the foundation of all business growth and will give rise to an Everything-as-a-Service era (EaaSe) in business.
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