How Mobile Ad Will Shape Future Of Businesses
Finally, 2016 will be the year where personalisation goes to the next level.
Top 4 Storage Predictions for 2016
The industry will continue to move away from traditional ISV-based backup in favor of SLA-driven solutions.
Big Data Playing A Big Role In Personalized Banking
Big data has come to stay and change the way we operate and do out daily transactions.
Customer Experience: Anytime and Anywhere
Tablets and smartphones have given the “anytime, anywhere” concept new meaning.
Hiring The Right Talent Using HR Analytics
Globally, two-thirds of the companies have trouble finding employees with the right skillsets and this is where HR analytics can help.
Dealing With Data Security On Cloud
Adoption of data security services on cloud has been gaining relevance at a rapid pace.
Big Data Analytics Paving Way For Predictive Consumer Targeting
Predictive targeting is equally instrumental in getting new customers as well as converting leads into paying customers.
Tech Trends Driving Digital Marketers In 2016
Creating a story that resonates across channels and one which is still relevant to the consumer based on their intent and behavioral date will be important.
The Virtual Datacenter: Raring To Go
Datacenter virtualization has several benefits from reduced costs to increased agility along with a well-managed IT infrastructure.
IMS Automation: Things To Keep In Mind
Prasenjit Saha, CEO, IMS and Security Business at Happiest Minds focuses on automation and how it is transforming IT infrastructure.
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