Essentials of an effective social media policy
A social media policy will ensure that a company's external communication objectives are not compromised.
Big Data Drives Better Decision Making
If you look at an organization of any size across verticals, one thing you will notice is that all of them accumulate data.
How Data Growth Is Changing Legal Process Outsourcing
In the coming months, legal process outsourcing will be all about strategy, synergy and simplification, writes Michael Sonsteng Strategic Practice Head – Legal Process Outsourcing, Infosys BPO.
Translate Resolutions Into Step-By-Step Action
One of the biggest challenges that we face in our professional and personal lives is converting thoughts into action.
Role Of ICT in E-Governance and Rural Development
by Kumar Saha, CEO & MD at Senrysa    Sep 11, 2014
A successful ICT application in e-Governance giving one-stop solutions for rural community is the need of the hour.
Hybrid Cloud: Trends And Challenges
For CIOs to expect miracles from hybrid cloud would be somewhat unfair, as it is at a nascent stage.
VDI or Session Virtualization: Which is Best for You?
Businesses are rapidly turning to desktop virtualization and reaping its benefits as a low cost, powerful alternative to traditional PCs.
Making The IoT Vision A Reality
We are now facing the challenge of how to responsibly build out the power of the Internet of Things.
All Great Organizations Have Great Leaders
The best leaders are those that can identify and appreciate the differences that one brings to the table and knows how to put them to full use.
Combating Emerging Threats: A New Approach
Almost 80% of the threats organizations face are internal and traditional approaches to Information security may not be adequate to address the emerging threat scenario.
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