Why The Future of V2X Technology Is Promising
V2X Technology has a lot opportunity and scope in the enterprise, since this technology is still under a lot of research and the future seems promising with potential in airplanes and trains.
What's The Future of Digital Payment Industry?
In the coming years, millennial behaviours are going to be a focus for the digital payments players, writes Sirish Kumar, Founder and CEO - Telr.
How Organizations Can Be Threats Ready On The Cloud?
All security reports concede to the fact that a majority of security incidents occur from inside the organization...
Top Trends To Inspire Your Employees In 2018
Organisations that merely consider paycheque and perks as a means to foster engaged and loyal employees are going to be left behind in the race, while those that tap into the latest trends to inspire their workforce will stay ahead of competition and the
Exploring The Potential Of Blockchain Through ‘Collaboration'
Blockchain without interoperability is like emails from Hotmail and Gmail not talking to each other.
2018: The Year Of Demystifying Unstructured Data
Now, with the advent of new-age technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) etc., data is coming in from all possible sources and in all possible forms such as pictures, videos, all of which is unstructured...
Hyper-Converged Infrastructure To Accelerate IT Transformation
Converged and hyper-converged infrastructure is being considered as possible solutions to the challenges organizations are facing today...
2018 Will Be The Year Of The Hybrid Cloud
In 2018, public cloud adoption will drive the need for hybrid cloud...
GDPR Key Challenge For Enterprises in 2018
GDPR type of regulation is also important for many individuals in India, but the current privacy policy in the country, or lack of it is seen as a huge gap in the privacy area...
FinTech Trends To Watch Out For In 2018
by Charlie Lee, CEO, True Balance    Jan 09, 2018
Coupled with cheaper mobile data rates and the technological ease of digital payments, these numbers boil largely down to the initiatives by the government to boost financial inclusion and promote a cashless society...
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