Banking On The Internet of Things
Here’s a quick look at some of the possibilities for financial institutions to leverage the IoT.
Make Skills Development Mandatory In Higher Education
If India does not build a corpus of skilled labor, the Make in India vision of the government is sure to come to naught.
The Rise Of Hybrid Cloud
Adopting hybrid cloud can free a company’s valuable IT resources and make data available all the time.
Flash is Great, But Is Your Biz Transformation at Risk?
Today, flash has reached the point where it is more cost-effective to deploy than high performance hard drives.
Top 10 Gotchas of DR and Business Continuity Planning
Disaster recovery is about satisfying a business need and therefore must be driven by business requirements.
Top IT Security Challenges For NextGen Banking
As next generation technologies like mobility, social media and big data transform banking services, it is important to guard against the new emerging security threats.
Bring In Benchmarks To Drive Digital Transformation
Smart organizations use benchmarking scores as a guidance metric to chart their digital roadmap.
It’s About Time: Evolving Network Standards for IIoT
The next-generation standard, called Time-Sensitive Networking or TSN, addresses existing network shortcomings.
Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Indian IT Firms
Organizations are now actively working towards mitigating gender bias and bring in more transparency that would make women feel more inclusive
Digital Transformation: A Bridge to Innovation
Key trends like market-driven digital transformation, smart city innovations and greater business agility will take center-stage.