Why Microsoft Azure Is The Platform Of Choice For Businesses
by Anurag Agrawal    Aug 29, 2016
The public cloud computing platform, is a growing collection of integrated cloud services that includes analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web.
How APM Can Help IoT Perform Better
APM enables companies to take control of performance improvement and evaluate the business impact of all applications in their network.
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Payment banks have to adopt a nimble cost structure to make this business viable in the long run.
Mad Rush For Data Centers Signals Coming-of-Age For Cloud Computing
IT companies will spend more than USD 1 trillion directly or indirectly due to the shift to Cloud over the next five years
VoIP Can Change How You Do Business
VoIP is the future of telecommunications, whether we talk about the consumer market or the enterprise. In fact, if we are to judge it on the basis of how it enriches human-to-human bonds and how it enables better collaboration, it may very well bring abou
How IoT Is Transforming Aviation Industry
With embedded sensors, gateways and other smart technologies, there are good reasons for air transport businesses to start getting excited.
Digital Transformation In Financial Services, A Paradigm Shift
The new digitally powered world of financial services is path-breaking and gradually the numbers are weighing in its favor.
Product Recall In The Digital Era
Businesses need a robust system to continually monitor customer response across social platform and handle exceptions as they come
The Growing Popularity of Data Scientists
Data scientists are essential but training the business to use their expertise is critical as well.