Bring In Benchmarks To Drive Digital Transformation
Smart organizations use benchmarking scores as a guidance metric to chart their digital roadmap.
It’s About Time: Evolving Network Standards for IIoT
The next-generation standard, called Time-Sensitive Networking or TSN, addresses existing network shortcomings.
Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Indian IT Firms
Organizations are now actively working towards mitigating gender bias and bring in more transparency that would make women feel more inclusive
Digital Transformation: A Bridge to Innovation
Key trends like market-driven digital transformation, smart city innovations and greater business agility will take center-stage.
Skill Development In India: A Few Things To Ponder
The proposed 'Skill India' program and 'National Skill Mission', if executed well, will help the youth in becoming employable.
The Rise Of M&A in IT sector
Recent development of mobile technology, cloud computing and data analytics have made tech firms invest in start-ups to enhance capabilities.
Home Automation Gets Easier, Cheaper
2016 will see a lot of innovation in this sector, with PM Narendra Modi’s Smart Cities Mission finally kick-starting in full swing.
Advanced DMS For Your Paperless Office
by Pratik Jhaveri, CEO, KSmart Group    Feb 18, 2016
An advanced DMS can help organizations massive storage, auto categorization of files and e-records and easy document retrieval.
Empower Field Force To Make Every Touchpoint Count
The customer expectations are on the rise and the reaction time for organizations is getting smaller and smaller every minute.