Things To Remember While Buying A Power Bank
These days’ battery technology is not where we want it to be with relation to how much we use our devices and we often find ourselves out and about, stuck with the dreaded red battery logo.
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Ransomware: Hackers Infiltrating Secured Systems
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Open Innovation The Way Forward
by Anup Sahoo, Founder, Ideapoke    Jun 10, 2016
Although open innovation is a fairly new concept, organisations across the globe are realizing its power, to remain relevant and stay ahead of competition.
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There are many benefits that video surveillance systems can offer to enable businesses to improve their operations and boost profits.
Data-Centric Security For The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) and its dependence on the cloud has created new, critical security challenges in the escalating fight against cyber-crime
The Changing Rules Of Customer Engagement
The new rules of customer engagement are driven by the trends in technology and consumer behavior.