Know Before Getting Your Cloud Architecture In Shape
Enterprises are responsible for data security in multi-cloud environments, yet most do not have the visibility or control to ensure data is 100 percent protected.
Battling Cyber Risks With Intelligent Automation
Intelligent Automation can help CIOs improve the ability to scale and minimize data breaches, all the while dealing with increasingly complex attack vectors.
How AI Is Transforming HR And The Recruitment Process
AI can be utilized right from candidate acquisition, scanning resumes, bettering employee engagement, answering real-time questions to closing the requirement raised by the client.
Insurance Protection For An Autonomous World
While society is getting acquainted with the advantages and the risks of piloting and adopting autonomy and its implications, we need to be ready to address the risks and liabilities associated with it.
How To Maximize Space In Your Data Center
Here are some of the strategies with which you can not only save space in your data center but can also have monetary benefits from it
Taming The 3 Dragons of Network Monitoring
Your team can turn into the knights in shining armor that save users and your company from the frustration and lost productivity caused by intermittent performance problems.
Embrace And Adapt, The New Mantra For Digital Enterprises
How future success of CXOs depends on the ability to continuously adapt and change to the latest technology.
When Securing Customer Loyalty Becomes Critical
Resulting breaches devalue and compromise a loyalty program, resulting in lost time, money and customer faith.
Quality Assurance In Multi-Channel Banking Era
With multi-channel banking turning into an irreversible trend, the smooth functioning of the backend IT ecosystems has become critically important for banks today.
How Tech Is Opening Myriad Opportunities In Aged Care
by Sunny Kapoor CEO, GladAge    May 03, 2018
Blockchain technology can help improve the operational efficiency, increase the capacity of care homes, standardize services, ensure delivery of personalized care & support and reduce the possibility of errors.
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