Key Cloud Transformation Predictions For 2018
As we progress to 2018, we bring the big players in the business landscape for the upcoming year...
Journey Towards The Connected Enterprise In 2018
There is an urgent need for advanced collaboration solutions that can be implemented to enable more hassle-free and productive corporate meetings.
7 File Transfer Challenges of Healthcare IT Teams
CIOs need a unified standard for all file transfers in your organization—an easy-to-use solution that integrates seamlessly with the tools end users are already employing.
Aligning Organizational Culture With Right Talent Is The Strategy To Outperform
No organization can perform in a standalone way, especially when either the strategy is too romanticized or the culture is not meshing well with the organization’s broader goals and vision...
Using The Blockchain For Financial Inclusion
Blockchains can create a cross-national network of diverse participants including individuals, companies, NGOs and government bodies...
How Banks Can Collectively Combat Security Threats
Upgrading cyber security in banks is fraught with several challenges that have to be addressed.
Ten Trends Redefining Enterprise IT In 2018
As we look ahead to 2018, here are some trends that we think will have an impact on our business and industry.
Artificial Intelligence Transforming India's Education Sector
Though it is still premature to comment on the larger impact of Artificial Intelligence on human race; it is certainly going a long way in shaping better avenues for learning.
Governance, Risk and Compliance- Trends and Predictions
GRC is no longer just about checklists, apps, capabilities, or workflows. It’s about building a true system of intelligence that leverages technologies such as natural language processing and artificial intelligence to glean critical risk insights from
Trends In Information Management: An India Perspective
Here are a few trends in the Information Management domain, which will gain traction in the year ahead.
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