Blockchain In The Context Of Enterprises
As blockchain evolves, and new use cases emerge, the complexity and array of issues will only increase.
Cyber Security Predictions For 2018
In 2018, it is expected that cyber attackers will use machine learning and artificial intelligence to launch even more potent attacks...
CIO's Five-Point RPA Planning Success Formula
Let’s look at the best practices that may help CIOs to ensure that their RPA rollouts achieve business goals with minimal risks.
Are Brands Getting Too Late To Digitize?
Companies are integrating brick and mortar installations in full effect of their digital strategy, organisational structure and resources.
5 Things To Expect If Bitcoins Are Legalized In India
by Vishal Gupta    Nov 28, 2017
Right from the possible proposal to legalize bitcoins, other crypto-currencies and ICOs, India has engaged itself in the cryptocurrency market for some time now
How Brands Can Modernize Customer Engagement
Modern customers command the purchasing power moving forward so failure to engage them effectively will increasingly lead to customer frustration, defection and loss of revenue.
How E-Commerce Can Deliver Exceptional Experiences
Well-constructed content inevitably emerges as the king when extending an evolved customer experience.
The Enterprise Gains From Micro Frontend
Micro frontend architecture’, brings the benefits of microservices to enterprise application and mobile app frontends.
Shared Services 2.0 – Next Big Wave Of Offshore Financial Operations
Although Robotic Process Automation implementation in finance offshoring companies is still in its nascent stage, companies are well placed to extract its benefits as these tools augment humans...
Flash Is Redefining The Way We Travel
With Flash enabled storage, IRCTC could process as many as 65K tickets in an hour as opposed to 40K before being flash-enabled.
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