Service Design Thinking: It’s About Customer Experience
The heart of service design thinking is to improve and innovate the services customers use across different touchpoints and make a positive impact on them.
7 Best Practices For Payroll Processing
While great measures are taken to hire the right talent, it’s equally important to improve the systems within such as optimizing your payroll processing.
Be Prepared for Many More Data Breaches This Year
2016 witnessed some of the largest data breaches ever, but 2017 could be even worse as companies move to the cloud without proper security preparedness.
3 Tech Concepts That Will Redefine Enterprise Biz
The following concepts will determine how the business landscape takes shape in the coming years, beginning with 2017.
5 Ways Co Working Is Changing Modern Workplaces
The concept of co-working is set to change the way workplaces are functioning since decades and more so in recent times.
Beware Of Exploits, Intercept Them
Following security best practices against exploits would be the right thing to do to protect your network. Here are some tips that you can follow to stay secure
Why SMS Is Still Marketers Best Bet This Christmas?
Deciding on the marketing campaign channel in today’s fast-tracked and competitive world is a big task. While, the thought process of deciding the right path takes its own time, we still run a risk of trial and errors. Besides, there is always that conf
Reevaluating Digital Transformation In 2017
Businesses everywhere, across all sectors, look to digital transformation to adapt with high uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, which seem to be the natural state and order of things – welcome to the new normal.
2017 Will Be The Year Of The Cloud And More
Here are four key trends that businesses will need to embrace in order to exceed the expectations of customers and partners alike.
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