How CEO Can Avoid Being A Victim Of Cyber-Attack
With the number of estimated cyber crimes in India increasing at a fast pace, we have never been more digitally exposed.
Service Automation: Key To Enhance User Experience
Cloud computing and DevOps are accelerating the evolution of automated service management, with service management itself evolving to adapt to automation.
Outsourcing: Key To Efficient Business Outcomes
High-quality information management solutions not only help BPOs deliver on their promise of speed, but also help them pursue new revenue-driving service offerings.
What's The Road Ahead For Connected Vehicles?
India is relatively new to the connected cars segment, but the future holds promise because we need connectivity on-the-go.
Why Is Ransomware The Deadliest Of All Online Threats?
The puzzling part about Ransomware is that, no matter what the situation is, even if the ransom is paid, there is no guarantee that computer users will be able to fully access their systems ever again.
4 Technologies To Make India Happier And Safer
Can technology alleviate the problems faced by Indians and allow them to mentally relax. Let’s see how exactly technology can help India overcome such problems.
Data Backup Is Not Enough, Its Important To Be Available
Modern businesses should not only focus on having access to valuable data but gain complete visibility into virtual and backup infrastructure to gain Availability...
In 2017, Data and Analytics To Go Mainstream
This year, the use of data and analytics will increase greatly, creating value both inside and outside organizations that have prepared for this shift.
In The Age Of Branchless And Paperless Banking
Without the need to have multiple physical branches, taking bank to the customer’s doorstep is indispensable for financial institutions.
What’s In Store For IT Cos And Startups In 2017?
IT services companies need to undergo a strategic shift to stay relevant in the face of new technology launches and market dynamics.
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