Leadership Notes: The art of listening with empathy
The only way one can listen with empathy is to first let realization dawn that listening is actually an active process and not a passive one.
The sustainability factor in Indian businesses
The Indian industry has just woken up to the concept of business sustainability and its advantages.
Getting Your IT Vendor to Innovate for You
Every organization needs to create an equilibrium in their business operations when they outsource their work to IT vendors.
Demystifying hacking attacks
Being careless with passwords, has resulted in organizations of all sizes including Fortune 500 and Government, witnessing multiple hacking attacks.
Leveraging the benefits of user‐driven BI
Sudipta K Sen, Regional Director- SE Asia, CEO & MD - SAS Institute (India)
Effective Goal Settings – Know Your Basics
Setting goals has never been an easy task and new managers should understand the basics of goal setting.
Unweave the hype around fabric computing
Fabric computing reduces management time and cost by allowing you to manage previously disparate systems, holistically.
The Emergence Of API Economy & The Role Of Analytics
By exposing elements of their core capabilities as APIs, companies are taking advantage of new market opportunities
Simplify IT With Automated Storage Service Catalogue
by Abdul Bijur, GM, Idea Device    Dec 10, 2014
A Service Catalogue provides audit trails and security compliance, elevating your IT governance to a whole new level.
A Call To Community Wi-Fi
by Ivor Soans    May 25, 2005
My laptop PC is Wi-Fi enabled, but most often, I end up getting connected to the Internet using an Ethernet cable. This despite the fact that Wi-Fi is far easier to work with--cable clutter is one of my pet peeves. The basic problem lies in the...
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