Mid-Management Buy In
by Ivor Soans    Aug 24, 2006
Getting top-management buy-in into IT is key to the success of the Enterprise IT Leader. However, in many intelligent Indian enterprises this is no longer a concern area for the Enterprise IT Leader, as visionary boards of directors and CEOs...
BI in Times of Inflation and Competition
by Tabrez Khan    Aug 01, 2008
Competitive pressures across industry sectors have increased manifold today. Companies need to be extremely cost-competitive and know their own strengths, weaknesses and the market really well to be able to gain a competitive edge. Business...
Outsourcing: Economic Logic Protectionists Forget
by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 17, 2008
Outsourcing is an economic reality of the new economic order, and it embraces two important concepts of the free market, the theories of absolute and comparative advantage. The logic that free trade could be advantageous for countries was...
How SMAC Will Lead To Enterprise Apps Innovation
SMAC is compelling enterprises to embrace innovation in Enterprise Software Application for faster strategic decision making to stay ahead of the competition.
It's Just Not About Sikka!
To circle back, we need more strategists from overseas who know the customer to start running our companies here and guiding us.
Essentials of an effective social media policy
A social media policy will ensure that a company's external communication objectives are not compromised.
Leadership Notes: Beat Or Get Beaten?
Chetan Nagaonkar, Founder-MD at eStomi writes that if you are a leader, you should have courage to bite the bullet, if needed.
Customer service-oriented CIOs
by Ivor Soans    Aug 27, 2004
Just this morning, my bank managed to raise my blood pressure and stress levels all over again. Now, this is no bloated, government-owned public sector outfit where the words 'customer' and 'service' aren't ever used in a single...
Blogging Away The Competition
by Ivor Soans    Oct 29, 2004
A new frontier has opened up in corporate warfare-no longer do corporate head honchos have to put words into a scribe s pen by way of a 'leak' or similar underhand tactics. Now, they simply take aim at competitors through blogs. Since a...
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Customer Care And CXOs
by Ivor Soans    Dec 04, 2004
Chances are you've shopped at Shopper's Stop, one of India's largest retail chains. I've long been one of the Shopper's Stop faithful, and even today--despite the appearance of similar chains, I still shop quite often at 'Shopper's' as...