Gratifying SMBs
by Tahirih Gaur    Jul 03, 2007
Gone are the days when the Small and Medium Business (SMB) market was called the emerging market. SMBs have now emerged, and after achieving cogent economic growth in India, have become a fresh target for Information and Communications...
The Ever-evolving CIO
by Tabrez Khan    Jan 23, 2008
The CIOs role has been constantly evolving ever since IT became an important component of business and the CIO was installed as the repository of technical knowledge and IT decision-making. In the Indian context, the CIO has evolved from a...
The New Age Worker
by p b    Jun 22, 2011
It is about time that companies and IT departments take notice of the new age worker who is making his presence felt. He is more productive as he works away from office using a number of new age technologies like video conferencing, Smart phones, Skype et
How leaders can lead in tough times
As companies try to cope with the tough economic conditions, leaders can play a vital role in motivating their teams and building trust among all stakeholders – their customers, employees, investors, and constituents.
Improving Customer Service With Big Data
The goal of using Big Data to improve customer service is to turn raw data into valuable insight.
Getting The Right Confidence With “Go Cloud” Strategy
Organizations should have a structured approach to adoption of cloud computing in order to achieve the benefits, says Vittal Raj, International VP, Board of Directors, ISACA.
The Content Marketing Imperative
With the explosion of unstructured content (social media conversations, chats, blogs), there is a real need to filter out the signal from the noise.
The Gadget Cassandra – A Contrarian View
My own feeling is that in the next 12 months, there will be a mini-tablet war in the market.
Taking The Big Leap With Big Data
In the age of the customer, managing customer information is crucial for competitive dominance.