Is It Really Intelligent To Use Crowdsourcing?
Crowdsourcing will help identify experts inside the organization and prepare them to become the next generation thought leaders.
Towards A Consolidated, Virtualized IT Environment
Enterprises are moving toward a consolidated, virtualized infrastructure to improve their IT architecture to deliver applications faster and more effectively.
Technology - What Next For The IT Sector?
Establishing standards and compliance will help create a way to bring the industry together, enable innovation, manageability and scale.
Creating A Data-Driven Organization With Analytics
Analytics supports strategic decision making by providing data driven insights about products, customers or competitors.
PSUs Struggle To Keep Pace With Technology
by Ivor Soans    Jul 08, 2004
Despite their gargantuan sizes and profits public sector banks aren't exactly hands down favorites to win any banking user choice awards. And when some reputed global business journal places an Indian bank on its list of top global or regional...
Tags: Ivor, Banks, PSU
Reaching The Heart Of India
by Ivor Soans    Jul 28, 2004
The new coalition in power at the Centre is a dispensation that stormed to power not on the basis of widespread acceptance of its pre-poll promises, but rather because of widespread rejection of the previous government's policies. And although...
Tags: rural
Is BEST Really "Smart"?
by Ivor Soans    Sep 24, 2004
One enduring symbol of Mumbai is its ubiquitous red buses. The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking, better known by the acronym BEST, lives up to that acronym as it operates what is undoubtedly the premier metropolitan bus...
Tags: BEST, buses
Lessons from Media Labs
by Ivor Soans    Feb 25, 2005
When the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) much-hyped Indian partnership, Media Lab Asia, went down in 2003 amidst a hailstorm of controversy, a lot of anger was directed towards the Indian government, which had finally pulled the...
Voice may be the answer
by Ivor Soans    Feb 27, 2006
One common grouse among CXOs is the state of communications infrastructure in India. There is an urgent need to ensure that the complete supply and distribution chain is driven by enterprise IT solutions because that increases competitiveness...