Banks should divulge phishing details to customers
by Praveen Kurup    Jan 04, 2007
At least 3 major phishing attacks against high profile Indian banks have been reported in 2006. It would not be an overstatement to say that in 2007 it is going to be a bigger problem for anybody with an online presence. The response from...
HR Dilemma
by Amit Tripathi    Jun 19, 2007
This time my point of discussion is far from being technology specific. But, this is an aspect that bothers CXOs to the hilt. India is clocking a growth rate upwards of 9%, and industry experts believe the country might have hit the...
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Is the Tap Dry?
by Tahirih Gaur    Aug 10, 2007
People don't want a water tank. They want a certain amount of water that's in that tank. Similarly, most enterprises don't want a PC; they want services that the machine offers. Utility computing, also known as cloud computing, works toward...
Adaptability Crucial for Enterprises
by Tabrez Khan    Jan 08, 2008
Everything is in flux in this fast changing, globalized world. Things change rapidly and technology changes more rapidly than anything else. In this highly fluid environment, the old maxim - 'survival of the fittest', rings true....
Microsoft-Yahoo: Love's Labor Lost
by Tabrez Khan    Apr 28, 2008
The deadline for a Microsoft-Yahoo deal passed last weekend without any reaction from Yahoo and some prominent newspapers are pointing out that the deal is dead. Indeed, Microsoft had indicated that beyond the deadline, it would think of other...
The Importance of Good Old-Fashioned Leadership
by Tabrez Khan    Sep 25, 2008
The current global financial crisis has lessons for the business community in ethics, financial management as well as leadership. Take for instance AIG, the company that was driven to the brink of bankruptcy by the subprime imbroglio and the...
Turbulent Times for IT Decision-Makers
by Tabrez Khan    Jan 19, 2009
These are turbulent times for IT companies and by way of association for their customers, who outsource IT functions to them and have them as long-term strategic vendors. Nortel Networks' declaration of bankruptcy might have come as another...
Gartner says Indian ICT spending To Grow 10.3 percent in 2011
by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 23, 2010
Gartner says hardware growth in India will outpace growth in Telecom. The research firm has also predicted that services and software will be the fastest growing segment till the end of 2014
Enterprise network security: prime need for businesses
Network security has come into prominence especially in the last decade as internet became integral part of everyone’s life.
In-memory data grids can help improve customer experience
In-memory data grids are quickly becoming a popular approach to modernize software and accommodate complex performance requirements.