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Challenges Of Mobile Operators In The Age Of HD
As increasing encryption obscures their view of their own networks, mobile operators need to rethink how they can deliver HD-quality to subscribers.
Data Felon’s Next Target: Insurance Firms
Insurance firms should embrace encryption of data to ensure proactive steps to enhance security and privacy.
The Promise Of Cognitive Computing In India
by Debashis Banerjee    Jan 17, 2018
Cognitive computing is poised for a lift-off in India powered by cloud based infrastructure, rapidly developing product and engineering skills.
7 Trends Driving IT Transformation In India
by Robert Le Busque    Jan 16, 2018
Digital transformation has brought along with it a new era of technology, which has reconstructed India Inc. It was the rage in 2017 and continues to be the hot topic this year as well.
How Big Data Is Changing Banking And Finance
by Sohini Bagchi    Jan 16, 2018
Identifying more areas where Big Data resources can be utilized most efficiently involves the alignment of business cases and technological capabilities, believe experts.
Top 5 SMB Tech Trends To Rule In 2018
As a major asset to organizations, the challenges around storage, managing and security of data will be a key concern for small businesses.
Small Business Financing Trends To Stay Abreast Of
by CXOtoday News Desk    Jan 12, 2018
Here are some of the latest trends that will shape the progress of SMB financing in the years to come.
Are We Waiting For A Bigger Cyber Attack To Strike In 2018?
by Arpan Relan    Jan 08, 2018
The victims of cyber-attacks are in abundance, so why are companies still not adequately prepared to thwart such cyber-attacks?
Shifting From Instinct To Insight Powered Marketing
In 2018, what we need to focus on is the consumer, their lifestyle and behavioural changes and the data analytics that uncover those changes for marketers.
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