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The Role of Upskilling, Training In ICT & Telecom
The training that are seen available today, do not follow a needs-based analysis to deliver the skills required for today and are further not recognized globally too.
13 Surprising Uses Of Emotion AI Technology
Here are some ways in which emotion artificial intelligence can help companies improve customer experience and unlock cost savings.
3 API Management Considerations For Mid-Market Companies
How mid-market companies can streamline their API development and management projects while keeping costs under control, writes Abhinav Asthana, CEO & Co-founder, Postman.
Autonomous Cloud: A Step Closer To Finding Businessutopia
by Venkatakrishnan J    Nov 27, 2018
Enterprises have a clear choice to make autonomous utopia, or get left behind by their more nimble peers.
The Next Phase Of IoT Evolution In BFSI Sector
Secure IoT promises to improve customer interaction, create competitive advantage and lower costs for banks.
Battery Swapping Is Sustainable For EV Ecosystem
by Akshay Singhal    Nov 26, 2018
Many companies are working on rolling out battery swapping stations, and this would lead to a more sustainable electric mobility future for the country.
Why Localization Will Not Help In Monetizing Data
To realize the dream of ‘data is the new oil’ and to maximize national security potential, local storage of data is not fundamental to achieve this said objective.
How Digital Tech Is Transforming Business Ecosystem
With the advent of cyberspace-based disruptive services, India is rapidly progressing on the path of digital transformation.
The Million-Dollar Question of Cyber-Risk: Invest Now or Pay Later?
Organizations must reevaluate how they balance the investment versus risk equation and alter how and when they implement cybersecurity.
5 Reasons Why Direct Banks Are the Next Big Thing in Banking
Consider these five key facts about what direct banks can offer, and why they’ve become so prevalent.
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