10 Artificial Intelligence Apps For SMBs

by CXOtoday News Desk    Oct 05, 2016


The era of Artificial Intelligence [AI] has certainly redefined work in many industries. It has already proved to be effective at automating repetitive tasks that salespeople, HR specialists, and CXOs would otherwise spend more time and effort. 

For SMB business owners, these AI apps can bring tremendous gain to their operational processes and workflows, as they can now spend more time growing their businesses.

Researchers and scientists have presented AI tools to solve a specific problem, one that uses datasets in order to learn and replicate information and behaviors. Going forward, AI will bring new opportunities for industries, starting new company, creating jobs and eventually bring changes in the workplace. 

According to a Salesforce blog some of the AI apps which are helping SMB business owners. These include:

Amy by x.ai

Yamnitski — who is an x.ai investor — spotlights the Amy smart assistant app in particular as “totally addictive.” When one get a meeting request, Amy handles the back-and-forth to pin down a time and place, responding and scheduling to all emails as a natural speaker.(know more here)

Quill by Narrative Science

Quill takes a specific set of data and weaves it into a written document. This makes generating earnings reports, for example, a nearly automatic process. And the app is so smart humans cannot distinguish its writing from that of a person. Forbes is already using Quill to research companies and publish earnings previews. (Know more here )


DataRPM crunches enterprise-level data to make predictions about a variety of things. As an example, one of the company’s customers, a Fortune 100 firm, uses DataRPM “to predict potential asset failures and identify reasons to perform timely maintenance that reduces operation costs and risks.” Another customer, a SaaS provider, uses DataRPM to predict conversions and churn.(know more here)


Textio uses AI to help companies write better job listings. It analyzes every single word to determine how attractive a job listing would read to a potential candidate. It also offers suggestions so one can strengthen the way one phrase something, or even eliminate a subconscious gender bias in a job description. (know more here)


Salesforce built SalesforceIQ because it understood AI had a unique ability to introduce efficiencies to a company’s sales processes. Our small business CRM uses Relationship Intelligence technology to eliminate the need to manually input customer data, to elevate important insights, and to even remind  to touch base with a customer. Our CRM customers have saved, on average, 4.26 hours a week from manual data entry.(know more here)Some more AI apps are follows.

Speaktoit Assistant

Speaktoit Assistant is the most downloaded and most rated in this category on the Google Play Store. Assistant has many features that an AI should have. In addition to answer questions and performing tasks it remembers the person, it understands and learns from the person.

The person can easily interact with this app using natural English language. The app is well customizable. It works with many popular services such as Google services, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Evernote, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Wikipedia, IMDB and Amazon.(know more here)


Skyvi is yet another voice controlled Virtual Assistant for Android phones. This app also can do all basic things from sending mail to reporting news. Other key features of Skyvi include voice texting, finding places and social media updates. And yes, one can have fun chats, witty remarks and tells jokes too.(know more here)

Apple Siri 

Apple Siri is one of the oldest Artificial Intelligence Software for Android. The UI is very straightforward. One can get help from iris to play music, set alarms, update social media and retrieve call information. Another thing, iris can tell about the horoscope too. (know more here)


Sherpa is another AI like assistant for  Android. This app has many features to help with once routine life. If somebody likes chatting with phone, this app suits perfect for them . One don’t need to memorize commands as it works well with natural language.(know more here)


Robin can be asked for directions and places, It can update Facebook and Twitter and also it can provide with latest news and information. The developers name Robin as the Siri challenger. So, worth giving it a try.(know more here)