7 Tech Innovations To Ease Women’s Lives Worldwide

by Poonam Mondal    May 16, 2016


Experts believe that if a woman lives healthy then the world can expect healthy descendants. PATH, a medical organization, believes that despite the world leaders adopting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2000, women’s health has suffered a great deal and faced health challenges which made pregnancy and childbirth threatening. 

Due to the unavailability of medical technology resources, in developing countries there are more than 800 women dying every day, due to the lack of medical resources which makes it impossible for women to maintain their health on a daily basis.

In this age of technology innovation and advancement, it is crucial for every individual to protect and be aware of all the health devices which will help women improve their way of living. Some of the key devices are as follows:

1. My Trans Health: 

It is always challenging for a woman to find a doctor and when that woman has been transformed from a man, the trouble only doubles up. It is a boon of medical science which makes it possible to transform gender today, even if you are not born biologically as a woman. Post transformation as a woman, it become very difficult to survive and find doctors for trans woman. Despite all innovation in today’s world, there are some developing countries who find gender transformation a taboo. My Trans Health  is a mobile application which is specially meant for transformed woman to get advice, appointment for checkups to maintain trans woman health, find doctors who work with the trans community closely, have a non-discrimination policy that includes gender identity and also help transformed people to attend relevant workshops or trainings for better wellbeing.

2. Egg Freezing: 

Although many women today often delay starting a family, their biological clocks keep ticking. The longer women wait to become pregnant, the more challenging it can be. Now women have the opportunity to freeze their eggs for use when they are older and the timing is better. It also allows women undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer to preserve their fertility by banking their eggs. The technology of egg cryopreservation have advanced the options women have for fertilization, whether because of timing or to allow for improved health before starting a family.

Egg freezing has become more successful and in the fall of 2014, some tech employers announced that they are offering to pay for egg freezing as a perk for their female employees. It doesn’t work for everyone, but advances have helped some women, especially those facing cancer therapy. And 2014 marked the first time a woman gave birth from a transplanted uterus. 

3. Pillsy: 

PillsyCaps which automatically connect to the phone whenever anybody is in the Bluetooth range (about 150 feet). A woman can setup their contraceptive or any pill-taking schedule in Pillsy and get reminders if she did not take pill by the scheduled time. One can use up to 20 PillsyCaps at the same time. Many people find the Pillsy app to be helpful to manage their pills, even if they do not have a PillsyCap.

4. Groove:

Groove is a mobile application which uses advanced algorithms to predict upcoming periods with accuracy. With Groove, one will never be caught off guard. Groove helps to keep tabs on the signs that matter to woman so they can spot patterns. Track symptoms, exercise, medication, and anything else that tickles a woman’s fancy can be updated in the app. There are other period tracking apps in the market which works more or less like groove. 

5. Safe Delivery App

Annually, more than 289,000 women and 3 million newborns die from birth- or pregnancy-related causes globally. This means that every second minute a women dies in pregnancy or childbirth and every 30 second a newborn baby dies due to delivery complications. The Safe Delivery App is an innovative mobile health solution using animated instruction films to train and instruct birth attendants to improve their skills and performance. The app is developed by Maternity Foundation in collaboration with leading scientists from University of Copenhagen and University of Southern Denmark. 

But in Sub-Saharan Africa there is an acute lack of skilled attendance at birth – especially in remote areas. Often the health workers have low levels of formal training, and are deployed, often alone, at remote stations. Mobile health tools such as The Safe Delivery App can overcome these out-reach barriers 

6. Early Detection Plan: Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer has become common to every 1 out of 8 women. The best way to fight breast cancer is to have a plan that helps you detect the disease in its early stages. The National Breast Cancer Foundation’s Early Detection Plan (EDP) enables woman to be proactive about your health by reminding you to perform routine breast self-exams and to schedule clinical breast exams and mammograms, depending on age and health history through its early detection plan :breast cancer app whose main aim is to empower and aware woman breast cancer . The App gives guidelines to learn more about clinical breast exams, mammograms, risk factors, signs and symptoms, and how to perform a breast self-exam.

7. PCOS Diva 

One or the other woman suffereing from polycystic ovary syndrome. A motivational app PCOS Diva is a must-have app for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) who want to reclaim their femininity, fertility, health and happiness and thrive with PCOS. This app is developed by Amy Medling, Certified Health Coach and founder of PCOSDiva.com, the first site that helps women with PCOS manage their symptoms naturally through diet and lifestyle change.