10 Useful Pieces Of HRM Software

by Oscar Waterworth    Oct 08, 2016


There has been a huge shift in human resources [HR] activities over the years. From a mere administration department, HR has evolved as a strategic player in the business.

Needless to say, selecting and managing employees take a lot of people skills. However, the importance of technology cannot be ignored. A lot of tasks regarding HR can be managed using the right pieces of software.

Here is a list of software that can be useful no matter how large (or small) your company is.


UltiPro provides full human resources management experience. The software allows the company to follow the employee lifecycles from recruitment to the retirement. The features include performance reviews, real time reporting, and payments and benefits administration. The tool also helps with transparency because it can be available both to the employees and managers. 



Lever is an applicant tracking system for companies of all sizes. It uses professional social media data pools (such as LinkedIn), to gather as much information about the potential employees as possible. Data about the candidate can then be easily transferred within the company (which is important if there is more than one level of recruitment).

Lever also allows you to track your candidate even after the position in the company is closed. This is particularly useful for the companies that play the long game and think about the future.


Greenhouse Software

Greenhouse Software is a recruitment software focused on preparing the company for a face to face interview with the candidate. It compiles the information about the applicant (using CVs, tests and referrals) and gives the interviewer the bases to work with. It can be used in any company, but it works best for thorough interviews.



Gusto is a compliance platform for small businesses that deals with the benefits administration. It automates the financial aspects of organizing an office. After you input the right information, the need for further human involvement is eliminated.

The payments (to be both employees and Uncle Sam) are being made on time and automatically. The taxes and deductions are also calculated right away and Gusto even has an option for sending a sum to a charitable organization on a regular basis.



ShiftPlanningis an easy-to-use schedule making software. It has everything you need to stop wasting time. Shifts can be created in bulk (and applied to all employees at once), just by entering the right parameters.


Schedules can be filtered by location or employee position and you can let employees assign they own shifts when necessary. Information can be easily imported from the device or software you used previously and the billing rates are flexible, based on the number of employees.


Jazz is an applicant tracking software with the usual features expected from this kind of software, but it really shines through when it comes to marketing a job offer. It allows the company to post a job offer on numerous recruitment sites with just one click.

When the company specifies the job requirements, the job offer appears on a bunch of professional and union related sites at the same time, so you can take your pick from a large pool of candidates.


HouseCall Pro

HouseCall Pro is made for small businesses. Homeowners and renters book the servicers using the app on their end. On the other end, home maintenance professionals assign the job to a specific employee and track when the work is done and paid for. It works best for businesses with less than 30 employees.



This software allows you to track the amount of time your employees spend working and eliminates the possibilities of fraud in this department. It uses time clocks (punching in and out system), web browsers, and cell phones to track time for each employee. The software comes with a class on how to use it. TimeForce can be used by any company, regardless of its  size.


Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand is made for medium or large businesses and provides everything a company needs to manage human capital. It can be used for tracking and sourcing the right candidate as well.


After the new employee is on board – training and competency management can also be done using Cornerstone. Performance reviews and succession planning options are available as well. Application is cloud based and software updates are free of charge.

HealthcareSource Quality Talent Suite

HealthcareSource Quality Talent Suite is a unique HR software solution, because it is specialized for health care industry needs. It can be used for recruitment and onboarding new employees but it works best as a training tool for new workers.

The app sets a specific goal for each employee, tracks its progress, and reminds both the employees and the managers about the next tasks. This allows new employees to adapt to the new environment and adopt its standards.



Do not be hesitant to use technology to improve your business. At first, the adoption process can seem challenging but these pieces of software are very intuitive and easy to use, while some come with manuals. Remember to use the tools that are best suited for your business and its specific needs. 

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