10 Ways To Succeed At SMS Marketing Campaign

by Prabhat Kumar Singh    Jan 16, 2017


With mobile revolution already underway, SMS marketing can be a powerful way to connect to existing and prospective customers. SMS is direct, ubiquitous and offers an unrivaled response time. However, it is a different ball-game altogether to have people actually signup for receiving the text messages from the brand. A lot of studies have been conducted to understand what really ticks an end-user and how to utilize them to increase the number of signups for receiving company’s communication. Here are some of the top ways that leads to quick sign up for SMS communications. 

1. Offer an incentive

By signing up for the enterprise messaging campaign, users are primarily giving brands an easy access to their private time. Brands acknowledging the same and offering an incentive in lieu would be regarded as thoughtful and caring by the user. Freebies, discounts and cash-backs have been actively explored by different brands, especially startups and it is about time we got creative with the giveaways.

2. Give your campaign a name

InsiderStuff, StyleHacks, StealDeals etc are some of the names for the campaign idea that you may use. The point is to give your campaign a distinctive name with a strong recall value. The names, when picked carefully, can draw curiosity from the visitors and they may want to give enterprise messaging a shot.

3. Clearly define the terms

Straightaway mention what you want them to do and what they may expect to receive in return. In order to win the trust of customers, you may mention exactly when they would be contacted, for instance top deal of the day, best picks of the week, amongst others. In fact, you may allow the users to choose themselves, giving them different options of frequency of messages, the time to be contacted and the information they would want to receive.

4. Keep the tone conversational

The tone soliciting sign-ups should be conversational and friendly. It is always better to talk to your customers in a way that they are used to. Include the popular dialects or jargons that are meant to appeal to your target audience. 

5. Include the word FREE

It sounds obvious that the messages will be free of cost, but it has been observed that adding the word FREE, oftentimes does the trick. Get creative and explore a way to sneakily include Free either in the title or the description of the signup message.

6. Explore the benefits of social proofing / Bandwagon Effect

Once you gather a good number of subscribers for enterprise messaging, consider mentioning the same to drive further subscriptions. As per the Bandwagon Effect or Social Proofing, new users are more likely to subscribe, if they know the number of users who have already subscribed to the same. The Facebook like box, displayed on various blogs and websites is part of the same effect.

However, we advise you to act carefully here. Firstly, mention the numbers only if you feel it is going to inspire trust and curiosity from the end-term user. Besides, don’t forget to A/B test this change, as few times, revealing the number may actually result in a decline in the number of subscribers.

7. Remind online visitors of the benefits available only for subscribers

Remember how we all have this little habit of procrastination? We make a plan of doing something and let it hang in the middle! A user might be doing the same with the signup for your enterprise messaging campaign. If you are offering an addition discount, freebie, white papers etc, mention it a couple of times. Scheduling reminder on social media, asking users to sign-up for the exclusive or free stuff may help.

8. Special giveaways for enterprise messaging subscribers

This strategy works on two levels: firstly, it incentivizes the people who have stayed loyal to the brand and secondly, it creates an aura of exclusivity amongst the users. Host an exclusive giveaway only to the subscribers but make sure that you talk about and promote the same on social media, company’s blog or website and other channels. The word of an exclusive giveaway only for subscribers should reach all of your users, along with a simple signup form.

10. Make sure the signup form is placed right

After conducting various studies on cognitive and consumer behavioral patterns online, attention spans and more, marketers have come up with certain specific spots where the placing the signup form would offer the maximum benefit. While all of these spots are ideal, the result would vary depending on the design of the site, demographic and the industry that you are operating in. 

Finally… Ask your existing subscribers to spread the word

The word-of-mouth is still the best marketing tool. Believe it or not, but your existing customers and subscribers are more than willing to spread the word about your company or website. The referral and network marketing is an industry in itself for the same reason. Besides, further incentives for spreading the word and referring more people to the signup form can also be considered.

[The author is Chief Operating Officer, Enterprise Services- ACL Mobile Ltd]

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