2013 is a watershed year for the secure identity industry: HID Global CTO

by Sohini Bagchi    Mar 18, 2013

HID global pic

“Users are seeking a more “frictionless” security experience, with solutions that are built on open standards to ensure interoperability, adaptability and credential portability to mobile devices,” says Selva Selvaratnam, CTO, HID Global as he outlines some of key secure identity trends that will influence how enterprises will create, use, manage and secure identities in the coming months. The CTO has based his predictions on its new report on Secure Identity Trends in 2013.

Speaking to CXOtoday about the growth potential of mobile access control segment, Selvaratnam said that market will accelerate in 2013 and beyond and will dramatically change the industry. The emergence of Near Field Communications (NFC) and other technologies will drive the migration of access control technology to mobile platforms. The same basic access control methodology we’ve used for decades can now be converged into NFC-enabled smartphones and other mobile devices, and we use our phones virtually anywhere we need to unlock a door, gate, or drawer. However, he believes that despite these and other benefits, it is unlikely that NFC-enabled smartphones will completely replace physical smart cards in the coming years. Instead, mobile access credentials inside NFC-enabled smartphones will co-exist with cards and badges so that organizations can implement a choice of smart cards, mobile devices or both within their physical access control system (PACS). It will be important for users to plan ahead to support both types of credentials in their PACS.

Another major development expected in this field is that identity management will increasingly move to the cloud, supported by new managed services. This will relieve the CIO’s pain of managing multiple passwords for cloud applications. CIOs can approve a worker’s access to a particular set of cloud applications seamlessly while setting tighter controls for a new set of mobile devices on their network.

Secure issuance advancements will make it easier to create and distribute more secure cards. A new category of trusted NFC tags will change how we secure assets and protect consumers. At the same time, access control systems will also feature integrated visitor management capabilities like never before, states Selvaratnam.“We believe that 2013 is a watershed year for the secure identity industry, due to important advances in technology that will drive increased security and an unprecedented user experience across both existing and new markets,” said Selvaratnam adding that these trends will drive new capabilities this year while shaping the market in the years to come.