"2016, An Exciting Year For Ed-Tech Sector"

by CXOtoday News Desk    Feb 17, 2016


Technology has been making inroads into education for decades. But the mobile revolution is changing education in more fundamental ways. India recently crossed one-billion mark in mobile subscriber base and is poised to cross the US to be the second largest smartphone market in the world this year.

Needless to say, one of the key visions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ articulates that quality education would reach the most inaccessible corners driven by Digital Learning, and the day is not too far, Vamsi Krishna, Co-founder and CEO, of Bangalore-based edtech startup Vendantu Innovations Private Limited told CXOtoday in an exclusive interaction.

“With government’s thrust to build digital highways, broadband penetration is likely to go up significantly. Mobile penetration continues to reach new heights. Against this backdrop, we believe 2016 would be an exciting year for the ed-tech sector in general,” said Krishna, who along with his fellow IITians Pulkit Jain, Saurabh Saxena and Anand Prakash, founded the company in 2012.

Vedantu a tech-centric platform, provides live online tutoring sessions for students – ranging from monthly tuitions, to IIT Foundation and other preparatory exams. It uses technology to bring together teachers and students to enable live learning between them. Students can get tutoring from a tutor of their choice and preference at a time of their preference. The technology consists of a custom built whiteboard, audio and video technology.

As Vedantu wants to bring the offline tutoring experience online, only more personalized, Krishna believes the company is absolutely encouraged by the tremendous response from teachers and students in 2015.

“By the end of last year, we had more than 27,000 students registered and pool of 200+ high quality teachers on our platform, in just over a year since launch. Building on that momentum in 2016, we think Vedantu will be able to establish Live Online Teaching-Learning as an effective mode of Personalized Learning among Indian users,” he said, adding that we expect a surge in adoption of this platform to teach online - not just among already established teachers, but also among best of society who look forward to share knowledge.


Krishna highlights some of the key trends in the tech education sector in 2016 and how Veduantu is striving to make a difference in this space

Live Online Teaching and Learning on Mobile Devices: “In line with our vision of personalizing and democratizing education, we are working aggressively to bring Live Online Learning on mobile devices,” said Krishna. With Vedantu’s mobile foray, slated for early 2016, he expects significantly deeper penetration not just in Tier-I, but also from Tier-II cities. Thousands of more students will have an opportunity to learn according to their need, pace and level anytime anywhere, through mobile devices.

Effective Testing and Assessment Tools to Supplement Live Teaching: According to Krishna, “With our continuous efforts in creating effective online Testing and Assessment tools, Vedantu will provide a more holistic learning experience to students. Our technology tools will analyse student-teacher strengths and weakness, and will measure learning outcomes post Live Teaching sessions.”

 Vedantu’s technology will go a step further in helping teacher tailor their teaching to student’s specific learning capability and outcome. It will greatly improve learning outcomes and teacher efficiency.

Krishna believes that overall, increased connectivity and right technology will play an important role in improving access to quality education. While adoption of gamification and learning apps will bring an element of fun, MOOCs will see higher uptake by students for self-paced learning and acceptance by industry. Advances in technology will help teachers understand individual student’s requirement far better and tailor delivery accordingly. Technology will aid and assist the teacher but will not replace the teacher.

“At Vedantu, we will continue to empower both teachers and students in 2016 with our vision of personalizing and democratizing education, guiding our efforts,” he summed up.