26 Projects Unveiled Under NeGP

by CXOtoday Staff    Jun 16, 2006

Dayanidhi Maran, Minister, Information Technology has unveiled 26 projects under the National e-Governance plan costing the government a whopping 23,000 crore over the next five years.

“Central and state governments are already spending 3,000 crore every year on various e-governance initiatives. The national plan is consolidating them and trying to set common standards for them,” said Maran.

He believes that by setting standards deliverables are ensured.

In addition to the 26 mission mode projects, the plan also has eight support components. The states will have flexibility to add up to five state-specific projects.

It is understood that the entire effort involves 500 implementation agencies, two lakh sites and an estimated 70,000-man years effort.

Major projects of the plan take into account common service centers, land records, commercial taxes, agriculture, police, education, pensions, income tax and banking.

According to Maran, a body serviced by the Department of IT and Chaired by Prime Minister is being constituted to provide a thrust and drive to the implementation of the plan. Also, an apex committee chaired by the cabinet secretary has been set up to monitor the implementation and provide policy and strategic directions.

Approximately 22 states have started implementing the statewide area networks that would provide at least 5 mbps connectivity up to the block level all over the country. The roll out will cost Rs 3,300 crore and would be completed by 2007, concluded Maran.