3 Artificial Intelligence Companies To Watch Out For


New digital transformation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) are gaining traction, particularly in developed countries such as the USA and Germany. With great increase in data-gathering and number crunching capabilities of computers, AI applications are set to expand in the future. Globally, AI-driven systems are making way for a collaborative, explorative, as well as focused understanding and leveraging of business. Here are three companies which are leading the way as far as cutting-edge digital technology is concerned.

Cognitive Code: Bringing conversational experiences to life

Termed as a ‘Gartner Cool Vendor in AI for Conversational Platforms, 2017,’ the SILVIA Artificial Intelligence Suite by the AI vendor is considered one of the most advanced, portable, as well flexible system in the world for creating immersive and conversational experiences. Years of innovative experimentation has led to a natural language solution that is unique. SILVIA is user-friendly and lightweight. It has shown its capability to function in cases, where other systems haven’t.  

‘SILVIA platform was designed to be more than a personal assistant. SILVIA doesn’t converse, she holds conversation. She can inform, instruct and learn in a natural way. The elegant architecture of the platform puts her capabilities in the hands of content developers,’ says Chief Product Officer, Alex Mayberry.

Further adds CEO-Founder Leslie Spring: “With our tools and technologies, developers and content creators can now build compelling conversational experiences for any application, from small games to large-scale enterprise business solutions.  SILVIA has minimal processing and memory requirements, operates across devices and operating systems and doesn’t require an Internet connection. SILVIA interactions are not only great experience for users but also private and secure.”

Brighterion: Exploring frontiers in fraud management

This innovation-based vendor offers one of the world’s deepest and broadest portfolios for AI and Machine Learning to provide real-time intelligence from data sources, regardless of the type, volume or complexity of data. The system is especially useful in detecting cases of identity and fraud management.

“Brighterion has academic roots; this technology applies to 10 different AI and ML technologies. Notable is use of its Smart Agents technology, which continually adjusts understanding of behavior patterns of specific profiles of entities without need for rules or model updates. Combined with Smart Agents, the approach offers evolving models with lower operational and modeling costs. It has demonstrated lower false-positive rates and detection rates in head-to-head comparisons with legacy financial crime scoring models,” says a Gartner report about the technology.

The company’s focus on behavioral analysis provides for cross-channel behavior anomaly prediction and detection. The AI solution identifies low-risk behavior and improves overall model performance. Brighterion’s  AI and ML tools have been applied in real-time cross-channel fraud prevention, cyber/homeland security, onboarding and risk monitoring,  data breach detection, biotech, and financial markets.

Cortical.io: Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations in language processing

Created in 2011, Cortical.io, is an innovator in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and provides solutions based on theory of Semantic Folding, which opens up a new perspective on handling of big text data. Software Retina Engine changes language into semantic fingerprints, numerical representations that capture meaning explicitly and carries out computational operations on that meaning. The algorithm enables one to solve open NLU challenges, such as meaning filtering of terabytes of unstructured text data, real-time topic detection in social media and semantic searches through millions of documents across languages.

“We have been following a neuroscience-rooted approach to processing of big text data that differs from mainstream methods. It highlights the disruptive potential of our technology in a market puzzled on how huge volumes of unstructured text data can be processed. The model is confirmed by customers from areas as diverse as financial services, information technology and the automotive industry,” says Francisco Webber, co-founder and General Manager of Cortical.io.

Artificial Intelligence: Paving the way for the future

“AI tools can mimic functionalities of a human mind, such as behavioral changes as well as learning and can apply emulated tactics to unstructured data. Though there may be apprehension in the adoption of AI tools, there are varied and extensive benefits that can be drawn out of it. It will eventually help organizations improve the primary focus of their businesses, which is to serve customers well,” says Shashank Dixit, CEO, Deskera.

Global research and analytics firm Markets and Markets’ in its report “Artificial Intelligence Market by Technology” predicts that the AI market will cross USD 16.06 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 62.9% from 2016 through 2022. Surprisingly, most of this cutting-edge technology will come from industrial and business processes and operations.

[The author is a tech evangelist, environmentalist, women's rights advocate, editor, columnist and founder of www.greenubuntu.com]